Sample Cover Letter for Welder Fabricator

Updated on March 18, 2018

Cover letters for welder/fabricator position should be written in a manner that they give something to get something.

Confusing? Not really.

A cover letter is primarily written so that an individual can obtain a job.

But can you imagine how an employer will feel if he sees one that is all about you and not much about him or her? Devastating! Annoying! And extremely selfish! And you don’t want to come across as any of these.

Dangling a benefit to hiring you is what will take you places. Imagine telling a prospective employer that you can increase his customer base by 30%.

Don’t you think he would want to meet with you?

He would want to know what you have to offer immediately!

Writing a cover letter that is designed to woo a reluctant reader is easy if you follow a few steps.

Cover letters need to make sounds if they want to be heard in the noisy and crowded marketplace, where no one is paying much attention.

Making your words clear, concise and interesting to read will wake the neighborhood up, and that is exactly what you want!

Remember that it is not only action beginnings but action closings that matter too. If you start off brilliantly but end on a crummy note, your impression may fall. And you may lose your chance at an interview – something that you have been striving for since the time you wrote the first word on the resume that will accompany your cover letter.

Moving on to the cover letter, here is a sample cover letter for a welder and fabricator position:


Welder Fabricator Cover Letter Sample


Mark Ruffalo
210 Main Street
Lewes, DE 12021
(000) 411-4541

March 18, 2018

Ms. Riva Torque
Manager Human Resource
American Surplus Inc.
210 Ocean View Boulevard
Lewes, DE 19429


Dear Ms. Torque:

Not only I am looking for a unique opportunity to work, but also, I am seeking a unique organization to work, and American Surplus Inc. fits the description perfectly. Looking through the detailed job description for a welder/fabricator position, I felt confident that I fit the bill entirely.

If you would refer to my following qualifications, you will know what I mean:

• Track record of setting up equipment and adjusting gas flow and wire feed rates according to standard welding practices.

• Demonstrated expertise in inspecting work, quality and dimensional requirements for correct parts alignment.

• Well-versed in hand-welding metal parts in compliance with shop welding codes and requirements.

I look forward to speaking with you to discuss your specific needs and my ability to attain them. I will call your administrative assistant next week to see what time is most convenient for you. Please do not hesitate to contact me at (000) 411-4541 if you require additional information.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Mark Ruffalo

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