Warehouseman Resume Sample

Updated on: June 12, 2018

A resume is a very first document you will need to apply for a warehouseman job.

When writing your resume, it is easy to gather information for the resume, but not as easy to place it in a format.

The following resume sample is a friendly one, which can be used to structure this info:



Warehouseman Resume Example



David Tanner
824 Henn Road, San Jose, CA62833
(000) 999-9999


Hardworking, organized, and competent warehouse professional with 11+ years’ extensive experience of working in a warehouse environment. Highly skilled in assisting with operational functions, with a special focus on ensuring an organized warehouse. Ability to provide assistance in locating and picking orders, in accordance with provided work orders. Works well in a team-oriented environment under tight deadlines


• Order Picking • Packing and Labeling • Loading and Unloading
• Information Recording • Safety Conscious • Item Pulling
• Transfers Management • Paperwork Handling • Quality Control
• Receipts Posting • Items Verification • Incoming Items Routing

• Suggested the use of a novel routing system, which proved to be 75% more efficient than the one already in use.
• Singlehandedly picked 102 orders in a day, on an unusually busy day at work.
• Implemented a series of programs, which increased the safety of the warehouse by 50%.
• Reorganized the paperwork management system, making it 50% more efficient than before.


Seaward Logistics, San Jose, CA                                 2012-present
• Look through work orders to determine which orders need to be picked and packed in a day.
• Work with other crew members to locate and pull orders from their assigned storage areas.
• Check each item to ensure that it conforms to standards, before transporting it to the packing area.
• Wrap and pad all items so that they remain safe during their transit to destinations.
• Affix labels and tags, containing information of the item, including batch and items numbers, and prices.
• Assist in the loading of outgoing shipments, and ensure that all items are properly stacked and secured within the delivery vehicle.
• Provide support in unloading incoming shipments, ensuring that all items are transported to assigned storage areas.
• Ascertain that paperwork is prepared and sent along with each outgoing shipment.

Warehouse Aide
Delta Warehouse Services, San Jose, CA                      2007-2012
• Provided support in picking and packing large items, according to provided instructions.
• Assisted in bubble-wrapping and labeling picked items, in accordance with predefined standards.
• Lifted and carried items to delivery pallets, and assisted in loading them onto delivery trucks.
• Secured each item on the delivery truck, to ensure that it does not fall or get damaged during transit.
• Cleaned and maintained assigned areas within the warehouse, as per provided instructions.

St. James’ High School, San Jose, CA – 2009
High School Diploma