Warehouseman Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: September 10, 2018

Endeavoring to write a cover letter, you might come across some issues that you will need to deal with right there and then.

Writing a cover letter is a big deal, primarily when you aim not just to write one for the sake of it, but because it will serve a specific purpose.

What purpose?

To make you a shining star in the eyes of a prospective employer.

Cover letter writing used to be quite simple – it isn’t anymore. Just a few years ago, it was easy to write a cover letter, depicting how experienced you were. Cover letters of today do not include information of experience at all.

They concentrate on skills and competencies because this is the information that a hiring manager needs to process how well you will be able to work for him or her.

The following cover letter sample will show you how to write a cover letter, with the right kind of information:


Warehouseman Cover Letter Example



September 10, 2018

Mr. Joseph Coulier
Human Resource Manager
Steel Supply, LP
13 Bowling Road
San Jose, CA 54732


Dear Mr. Coulier:

I am interested in working as a Warehouseman at Steel Supply, LP, an organization that, I am positive, will benefit greatly from what I offer in this role. For details on my experience in a warehouseman position, please refer to the enclosed resume.

Over the last two years that I have spent diligently providing operational support to a busy warehouse, I have learned much about the different ways in which order-picking and packing are handled. My comprehension of using warehouse management system locators to locate and pick orders is profound. As an individual who has great experience in protectively wrapping and padding items for loading in vehicles and container, I am confident that I will be a credit to your organization.

I am well-versed in transporting items between different locations within the warehouse, to ensure that all processes are completed on time, and can effectively stack and place items in storage racks, and on awaiting delivery trucks, providing that they are correctly and safely secured. Furthermore, I am a pro at creating documentation associated with each item, following pre-established protocols.

Confident that a meeting between us will prove to be highly fruitful, I will contact you soon to set up an interview date and time. Please feel free to call or text me at (000) 999-9999 if required.




Daniel Radcliff

(000) 999-9999