Target Stocker Cover Letter Sample

Updated March 9, 2017

Gracing your cover letter with your innermost abilities is the right way of going about it. Anyone can write standardized cover letters, copying a little from here and there. But only the very serious candidates make sure that their cover letters are of the stand out quality. How is this done? Well, if you are really serious about the work that you intend to get after a string of successful application processes, writing a good cover letter cannot possibly go wrong.

What actually makes a cover letter a successful one? Relevance of information and sufficient white space is the formula. Do not fill up your cover letter with unnecessary information, which is just going to sit there and do nothing. And do not fill up your resume so much that the employer has a hard time navigating the document. Remember that the cover letter is supposed to get you the job, and not put you in the “did not read” category. Here is a target stocker cover letter sample to help you:


Target Stocker Cover Letter Sample


54 West Street
Fort Wayne, IN 01255

March 9, 2017

Mr. George Hall
Human Resource Manager
73 Turf Road
Fort Wayne, IN 11145


Dear Mr. Hall:

A year ago, I held my first job as an intern at Target, an experience that decided for me that this is where I want to peruse a career. In January last year, I acquired a job as a stocker at a local grocery store, which has trained me well enough to now work for an organization that is as structured as Target is. Seeing that there are vacancies for a stocker position at Target at this point in time, I am elated to know that I have all the qualifications that you require to hire someone at this position.

Some of the main areas that I am well-qualified in include marking items with identifying codes, stocking shelves with unpacked items, maintaining store cleanliness, and handling receiving duties. But this is not the limit of what my qualifications include. As someone who has had extensive experience in handling stock inventory to ensure proper running of items through the store, I am sure that hiring me will translate into increased operational efficiency for your Target store. Moreover, I have a great talent in designing and setting up advertising signs and displaying merchandise on shelves according to the 4 Ps of marketing.

A face to face meeting soon will give you a better idea about my specific competencies in a stocker role, in sync with Target’s standards. I will call you next week to arrange it.


Simon Paige

(000) 145-8545