Warehouse managers are responsible for the safe receipt, storage and dispatch of goods. They ensure that all warehouse activities are coordinated with one means to an end – efficient delivery and receipt of shipments. Warehouse managers are expected to ensure that all productivity targets are met by managing work teams and dealing with any issues that may arise.

Warehouse managers lead teams of warehouse workers to unload trucks and organize goods first in pallets and then in the storage area. They are responsible for ensuring appropriate storage space for incoming shipments in advance and decide what part of the shipment needs to be delivered to a retail outlet. As far as outgoing shipments are concerned, it is the responsibility of a warehouse manager to ensure that merchandise is packed and secured appropriately. He or she will also be expected to ensure that all labeling and addressing needs of each shipment are taken care of.

While most warehouse managers hold extensive knowledge of warehouse related work because they have climbed up the hierarchy ladder over a course of time, experience is not a prerequisite for this position. If you have a knack for handling warehouse procedures in an effective manner and some knowledge of employee management, you may be eligible for this position. When you attempt to write a resume for this position, you may need to spend a little extra time on your resume objective. Let us help you with it by providing you with examples that you can use.


Sample Objectives for a Warehouse Manager Resume

• Dynamic leader with a successful record of managing diverse warehouses. Looking for a position as a Warehouse Manager for Penske utilizing knowledge of coordinating labor and processes to manage warehouse in the most effective manner

• Seeking a Warehouse Manager position with Goodwill Industries using expertise in examining shipments to ensure that quality and quantity standards are adhered to the standards

• Desire a Warehouse Manager position with Crest Industries. Offering proficiency in leading teams to expedite warehouse processes and ensuring quality and time-efficiency

• To obtain a position as a Warehouse Manager at Capstone Logistics by supervising and training employees, negotiating with vendors and ensuring that all employee schedules are based on client-supplied schedules

• To acquire a Warehouse Manager position at Horizon Services where my knowledge of consignment shipping and receiving, inventory and logistics are used in maintaining and developing a productive warehouse environment