Warehouse Coordinator Resume Objectives

Updated on: July 25, 2016

There is no guarantee that the resume that you have spent days to perfect will actually be read by the hiring manager who receives it. Unless, you make sure that your objective is clearly charted out. The resume objective plays a pivotal role in getting the message across that you are a good candidate and will work according to the employer’s requirements.

Sadly, most of us do not bother spending much time on resume objectives – many of us leave it out altogether. The common misconception is that a resume objective is an archaic concept. This is not true. While the objective has long been part of resumes, it is hardly something that a resume can do without. Imagine attempting to talk to someone you have never met before without properly introducing yourself first. It will be considered rude. A resume without an objective isn’t much less.

Coming to the actual resume objective, how would you make sure that your objective is spot on with the employer’s needs? Simply answered – gauge what the employer wants by reading the advertisement closely. Judge the specific requirements of the position. See how you fit in. And then write an objective that is designed to blow the hiring manager away!

Here are some examples:


Warehouse Coordinator Resume Objectives

• Perceptive, self-motivated and well-organized individual seeking a Warehouse Coordinator position at Owens and Minor. Well-versed in ensuring accuracy of shipping and receiving procedures and efficiently scheduling inbound and outbound freight.

• Dedicated Warehouse Coordinator with over 10 years of experience of working in large scale warehouses looking for a similar position at Briggs Equipment. Offering hands-on experience in coordinating the various aspects of warehouse work including shipping, receiving, order-picking, packing and labeling.

• Seeking a Warehouse Coordinator position at Goodman Manufacturing Company utilizing expertise in managing inventory, maintaining paperwork, handling purchasing duties and completing cycle counts in an efficient and timely manner.

• Desire a position as a Warehouse Coordinator at Canon Solutions America. Offers proficiency in ordering and stocking items, tracking inventory, preparing and processing requisitions and purchase orders and overseeing order-picking activities.

• An industrious and conscientious individual desire a Warehouse Coordinator position at Toshiba American Business Solutions Inc. Offers 6-pus-year track record in designing and allocating storage space to incoming items, overseeing order-picking duties, monitoring inventory by completing counts and accomplishing distribution of materials as instructed.

• Self-confident, alert, organized and responsible Warehouse Coordinator with 5 years of experience working in fast paced and busy warehouse environments. Presently seeking a position at Gibson’s bringing adeptness at designing product movement steps, handling packaging and labeling duties, and efficiently identifying product shortages and devising plans to curtail them.