Amazon Warehouse Associate Resume Sample

Updated July 30, 2021
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Charlene Potter
9 Pinkham Road, East Burke, VT 05800
(000) 302-1521
chatpot @ email . com


Dedicated and well-organized warehouse professional with 6 years of experience in handling all aspects of warehouse functions, including receiving, storing, handling, and shipping. Proven ability to verify the quantity and quality of incoming shipments by proactively assessing each item to ensure conformance. Hands-on experience in preparing shipment documentation by ensuring that it correlates with process information. A hardworking individual who has documented success in ensuring the accuracy of picked orders by implementing checks at every step.

• Product Identification • Quality Control
• Workplace Safety • Labeling Procedures
• Merchandise Processing • Inventory Control
• Quality Improvement • Problem Resolution

• Implemented a smart labeling procedure that decreased labels preparation and printing time by 88%
• Expedited the delivery process by implementing dedicated standard operating procedures for delivery timelines
• Resolved a conflict involving a customer who insisted that his order had not been delivered (3 months earlier) by delving deep into receipts and finding the receipt that had his signatures on
• Minimized warehouse theft risks by installing CCTV cameras at every corner of the warehouse


Warehouse Associate
AMAZON, Jeffersonville, VT
• Receive materials coming into the warehouse by vendors, customers or other warehouses
• Check merchandise to ensure that it conforms to order sheets
• Verify the quantity and quality of each item by checking them individually
• Receive reports and ensure that appropriate receipts are signed by the designated authority
• Examine incoming shipments and reject damaged items and create correlating rejection reports
• Establish operating standards of the warehouse and ensure that each warehouse worker follows them
• Ascertain proper categorization and organization of the warehouse to ensure smooth operations
• Maintain expected levels of stock and ensure that stored procedures are optimized
• Control inventory by implementing cost reduction strategies
• Ensure that the work environment is safe and healthy so that the workforce can thrive

Order Puller
DOCK 86, Jeffersonville, VT
• Checked order sheets to determine which orders need to be pulled
• Pulled orders from storage areas according to specific instructions provided
• Matched pulled orders to ordering sheets to determine the accuracy and transported them to packing areas
• Packed and labeled merchandise according to preset instructions and transferred them to the delivery pallet
• Assisted in loading and unloading packages to and from trucks and ensured that they are properly and safely stacked

Specialized 120 Hours Training in Warehouse Operations
SOME COLLEGE, Jeffersonville, VT – 2010

High School Diploma
COOPER HIGH SCHOOL, Jeffersonville, VT – 2009