Soccer Coach Resume Example

Updated on: April 10, 2021
How to Write a Great Resume for Soccer Coach Position?
  1. Mention your name and contact details in the header of your resume.
  2. Write your career summary, skills, achievements, and experiences using a simple template and legible font.
  3. Avoid grammar and spelling errors. 
  4. Do not list your hobbies and interests. That is because employers do not want to know what you do in your free time. For them, listing hobbies will mean that you wanted to fill in space to lengthen your resume. 

Sample Resume for Soccer Coach Position

Erin Tomlinson
8102 Valley Road
Barre, MA 25372
(000) 141-7454 
erictom @ email . com


A sports enthusiast who has 9+ years’ track record of creating and implementing instructive and stimulating soccer practice sessions. Well-versed in supervising players to promote effective learning through participation in athletic activities and nutritional eating.

• Hands-on experience in facilitating scrimmage games and coaching clinics for interested athletes.
• Proficient in instructing players in the rules, regulations, equipment and techniques of soccer.
• Competent at assessing players’ skills and monitoring them during competition and practice sessions.
• Known for determining game strategy before and during soccer games to nudge players towards success.

• Won the Tri-State Soccer Competition 5 times in a row between 2015 and 2020.
• Amalgamated the talent of three soccer teams and created a new “unbeatable” team to lead the World Soccer Championship.
• Led a soccer team for children with autism and came out shining in 3 non-competitive matches.
• Reorganized soccer coaching by including a strategy manual as part of training sessions.


Soccer Coach
E3 SPORTS, Barre, MA
11/2017 to Present
• Teach about the rules, techniques, and strategies involved in the soccer game
• Clearly define the impact of physical fitness and individual abilities on health, safety, and performance
• Identify athletic potential and create a balanced team by putting athletes in positions where they are able to maximize their strengths
• Motivate players to perform well during practice sessions and in games
• Schedule practice sessions and ensure that all players attend by motivating them constantly
• Develop and implement meaningful soccer practice plans, aimed at keeping players active during the course of the practice
• Supervise warming up and practice sessions on a constant basis
• Encourage players to give their best during games and to not be disappointed in the face of a lost game
• Intervene during medical emergencies or injuries and ensure that appropriate immediate medical attention is provided
• Contact various sports clubs and agencies to organize sports events and prepare players to take part in them

Assistant Soccer Coach
7/2006 to 11/2017
• Contacted team members to inform them of the scheduled practice session
• Assisted in implementing game plans to ensure that proper participation of team members
• Provided additional coaching to players needing extra soccer practice
• Oversaw warming up and practice sessions and provided leadership where necessary
• Created and maintained members’ records including contact information and medical background
• Coordinated the procurement of athletic supplies and equipment

Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Education

• Game Strategies Creation
• Program Direction
• Performance Evaluation
• Training Programs
• Sponsorship Agreements
• Communication
• Records Management
• Game Techniques
• Emergency Response
• Sports Psychology

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