Soccer Coach Cover Letter Example

Updated on: July 26, 2016

When someone tells you that your cover letter should be error-free, they are not just talking about the content. The content is important but then so st the structure of a cover letter. Margins, fonts and alignment plays a huge role in formatting your cover letter and make it fit to the employer’s liking.

Put yourself in an employer’s shoes and think would I like a cover letter that is distorted and difficult to read? The answer is a big NO! Difficult to read cover letters lose their appeal immediately. Employers have neither time nor patience to go through messy content that has no meaning or that fails to impress them. With a clear format, you can actually encourage an employer to pick up the accompanying resume even if your content is just a 7 out of 10.

What makes an impressive cover letter for soccer coach resume? There is a lot you can do to make your cover letter come out alive. Usage of powerful language, mention of achievements and skills and a mild touch of humor can take you great places in the employment world.

So put on your thinking cap and start writing. And let us help you along the way with this sample cover letter for soccer coach resume:


Soccer Coach Cover Letter Example


Donald Trump
25 Alexander Street
Barre, MA 18545
(000) 121-8585
donald @ email . com

July 26, 2016

Mr. Cyril Holmes
Hiring Manager
PUC National Sports Organization
8 Broad Street
Barre, MA 10292


Dear Mr. Holmes:

Congratulations on opening a dedicated soccer club at PUC National Sports Organization! Watching your club’s progress over the years and its contribution to sports in Barre, I have seen that the organization has earned much deserved “street cred”. This leads me to believe that you and I see the importance of sports through the same lens.

As a qualified and highly-competent Soccer Coach, I offer the following competencies:

• Verifiable track record in planning, organizing and conducting dedicated soccer practice sessions
• Qualified to evaluate athletes’ skills and review their performance to determine abilities for matches
• Skilled in providing training direction, encouragement and motivation to prepare athletes for games and competitive tours
• Adept at analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of players and strategically placing them in positions where their strengths are highlighted

Because a letter cannot replace a meeting , I will call you soon to set up an interview. Until then, you can contact me at (000) 121-8585 if you need any further information regarding my qualifications.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Donald Trump

Attachment: Resume