Youth Soccer Coach Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: April 10, 2021

Writing a good cover letter for the Youth Soccer Coach position is the best favor that you can do for yourself.

The emphasis is on the word “good.” Anyone can write a cover letter, but only a few can write one that is truly considered a well-written one.

You have to remember that your cover letter can make or break your chances to be considered for a position, so you have to make sure that it is the best one that a hiring manager has seen.

There is no tried and tested formula to write a cover letter. Every cover letter is different because every individual writing it is different. Ensuring that your individuality is shown in a cover letter is essential.

If you can successfully tell a hiring manager that you are exactly what he or she needs in a candidate, you have it made. If not, you need to get back to the drawing board.

Cover letter sample ahead!

Youth Soccer Coach Cover Letter Example

April 10, 2021

Mr. Michael Hilton
I9 Sports
260 Treehouse Avenue
Port Clinton, IL77623

Dear Mr. Hilton:

I am writing to express my interest in the Youth Soccer Coach position posted on For the previous 10 years, I have been working as a youth soccer coach in both sports facilities and academic ones. Over the years that I have worked in this capacity, I have learned much in terms of teaching fundamental skills to children and young adults, pertaining to soccer specifically. If you skim through my resume, you will see that I have much to offer in a soccer coach capacity.

Instructing players in the rules, regulations, use of equipment, and techniques of soccer is my niche. During my time as a soccer coach, my teams have won both national and local soccer tournaments, and have always aimed high to achieve their goals. My techniques are simple, as I believe that the more simple a technique is, the more profoundly it can be followed. Assessing players’ skills, monitoring them during practice, and ensuring that their performance is evaluated accurately, are areas that I consider my niches.

In my present place of work, I have been actively overseeing the development and implementation of soccer programs and budgets, and have been successful in handling strength and conditioning work as it pertains to players.

Positive that after meeting with me you too will have as much confidence in me as a soccer player as I have, I will contact you after a few days to set up a meeting. Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Richard Binder