Convincing Cover Letter Writing Tips

Updated June 24, 2019

Having established the fact that cover letters are extremely important in helping a candidate climb the stairs to an interview, let us now discuss what a convincing cover letter should possess.

Acquiring well-paid jobs is not easy in these times of global recession and a candidate needs to take up every opportunity to ensure that his job application is at least given a once-over.


Since a cover letter is a primary document in a job application set, it gets read first; even before the resume!

Therefore, it is very important for a cover letter to look professional and convincing.

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Do not repeat information 

Many people make the mistake of rewriting their resumes in prose in a cover letter which is not what it is all about.

A cover letter is supposed to complement a resume, not duplicate it.

One must ensure that a cover letter does not possess job duties but relevant skills needed to perform those job duties.


Add some accomplishments

Adding accomplishments in a cover letter is one way of convincing the employer to take a look at your resume.

If an employer knows that you were responsible for the “23% increase in sales” at a particular company, he will want to explore further into what you may have to offer to the organization.


Make the most of your communication skills

A convincing cover letter also has the capacity to induce the reader to take a peek at your resume.

Communication skills are the most sought-after skills in any industry and a cover letter is the best way of telling an employer how well you can write.


Research the prospective company

The key to writing a truly convincing cover letter is to research the company you are applying to, make it targeted, do not ramble and avoid common grammatical and syntax errors.

Once you have all this in check, no one can stop you from being called for an interview and bagging that job you have always wanted!

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  1. Okoth Joseph

    I have enjoyed reading tips for writing convincing cover letters. This reading materials have helped me so much in my career search! Thank you.

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      Dear Joseph:

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