Physical Therapist Resume Summary Examples

Updated on: January 2, 2016

A single job advertisement for physical therapist position may attract hundreds of job applications thus generating a large pile of resumes for the hiring manager to go through in a limited time. A summary for physical therapist resume is the main and foremost element that the hiring manager sets eyes on first. Resumes that are not topped with an attention grabbing and impactful summary therefore do not stand much chance of being considered.


• Showcase the value you bring to the table: Resume summary is your chance to communicate what you can do for the employer. Make sure you showcase two or three professional strengths that are in demand.

• Think like the employer: Put yourself in the prospective employer’s shoes and assess the main skills that are in demand, then highlight the same.

• Vocabulary Matters: Including a few powerful adjectives, action verbs and industry specific keywords can take your resume summary to the next level. However, be careful not to insert too much business jargon because you never know if the hiring manger is a technical person or not.

Take a look at some physical therapist resume summary examples given below.

Sample Summaries for Physical Therapist Resume

• Highly competent physical therapist with 8 years’ successful track record of performing treatments and modalities for restoring function. Detail-oriented case management expert who has proven skills in creating and implementing individualized therapeutic plans for outpatient therapy clients for improvement of physical health and fitness.

• Methodical and proven disability-mitigating professional, adept at deciding upon and implementing various physical therapy techniques. Collaborative team player with a special talent for delivering high quality physical therapeutic services as an active member of a multidisciplinary case management team.

• Enthusiastic and deft physical therapy professional with 6+ years’ hands-on experience in orthopedic and geriatric therapeutic techniques. BCLS certified, registered physical therapist, particularly effective in performing diagnostic and prognostic examinations to assess and evaluate muscle, nerve, joint and functional abilities.

• Experienced and systematic physical therapist with profound diagnostic skills, committed to aiding patients in reducing their pain and improving mobility through non-surgical PT techniques. Familiar with various modalities of therapy including electrical muscle stimulation, trans-cutaneous nerve rehabilitation and traction exercises.

• Resourceful and meticulous physical therapy expert with 5+ years of diverse experience in pain management, post-injury rehabilitation and functional restoration. Track record of customizing conventional physical therapy techniques to meet specific rehabilitation needs of individual patients

• Diligent and patient care oriented physical therapist, specializing in patient assessment, muscle re-education and geriatrics. Excellent organizational and case management skills. Well versed with latest physical therapy modality protocols. Particularly effective in ultrasonic, electrical nerve stimulation and interferential current based methods.