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Physical Therapist Assistant Resume Sample

Gone are the days when you could search the Internet for the “perfect resume sample,” make changes in the format and pass it off as your own. This technique is not just old – it is loathed by prospective employers as it shows lack of ingenuity and effort on the candidate’s part. And both these… Read More »

Physical Therapist Resume Summary Examples

A single job advertisement for physical therapist position may attract hundreds of job applications thus generating a large pile of resumes for the hiring manager to go through in a limited time. A summary for physical therapist resume is the main and foremost element that the hiring manager sets eyes on first. Resumes that are… Read More »

Respiratory Therapist Resignation Letter Example

Guidelines Some people suggest that you should make your reason to resign obvious in a respiratory therapist resignation letter. Others say not to divulge this information. We suggest that you work halfway – but only if your reason to leave will not be deemed savory by your employer. Coming clean about why you want to… Read More »

Line Therapist Interview Questions and Answers

Interviews may be the most drawn-out and intimidating ways of making positive first impressions but they are also the greatest opportunities that you have to get on the employers’ good side. By preparing for an interview, you give yourself a distinct edge over other applicants who may have better credentials than you. Before the Interview… Read More »

ABA Line Therapist Job Description

Position Overview With so many cases of ADHD and Autism being unearthed, the need for hiring ABA (applied behavioral analysis) line therapists has become high in recent years. ABA line therapists implement programs based on applied behavior analysis to children who are developmentally delayed. They usually cater to children between the ages of 2 and… Read More »

Entry Level Physical Therapy Aide Resume No Experience

Entry level job seekers face the dilemma of having no practical or relevant experience to prove their capabilities. Though they are interested in gaining experience, filling in for the experience section in the resume seems to be a somewhat difficult task.   The following are some tips in this regard: Demonstrate your skills Experience is not… Read More »

Physical Therapy Aide Resume No Experience

A Physical Therapy Aide resume is a snapshot of your skills, experiences, and qualifications that you offer to a prospective employer. It takes less than a minute for an employer to go through each resume. Between this timeframe, they decide if you will be called in for an interview or not.   Since the purpose… Read More »