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Functional Family Therapist Job Description

Functional family therapists are experienced individuals who are hired to serve high-risk families whose children are at substantial risk of placement, or who are in placement and cannot be reunified without in-home services. These individuals needs to be exceptionally strong emotionally, as they often have to handle a lot of disturbing situations, and cannot afford… Read More »

Functional Family Therapist Interview Questions and Answers

There is a lot that you can do to ensure the success of an interview. In fact, success at the interview stage is in your hands completely. The type of responses that you provide to questions thrown at you, determine how well you will be perceived by the interviewer. Usually, the reason that you are… Read More »

Behavior Therapist Resume Sample

Pre-formatted resume templates for behavior therapist position allow little room for uniqueness. While online resumes wizard seem like God-sent initially, you will notice that you can hardly make any changes to it. Your input is almost never allowed. So it is best to pick up a template that does give you room to maneuver when… Read More »

Physical Therapy Aide Skills for Resume

Your key to success in a workplace is the skills set as a Physical Therapy Aide. Without specific skills to do a Physical Therapy Aide job, you may not be accepted as part of a team.   While communication skills and interpersonal and listening abilities are given high priority in any workplace, it is actually… Read More »

Physical Therapy Aide Job Description for Resume

Physical therapy aides are hired by independent physical therapy clinics or hospitals that provide physical therapy treatments. They are responsible for ensuring that patient examination and therapy rooms are prepared on time and that patients are provided with preliminary information regarding procedures.   Working as a physical therapy aide requires one to be hands-on with… Read More »

Physical Therapy Aide Interview Questions and Answers

No two interviews are the same. So if you have been through one interview already, you cannot base preparation of the next on the first one. This just means that if you have aced one interview, it does not mean that you will ace the second one too – or vice versa!     The… Read More »

Mental Health Therapist Job Description for Resume

If you possess high energy and a will to help others, mental health therapy may be the right track for you. As a mental health therapist, you will be performing a lot of activities to help patients handle their stress and depression, along with providing them with the support they need to face their demons.… Read More »

Mental Health Therapist Resume Sample

Endeavoring to write the perfect resume will bring you upon two facts – the first one is that you cannot write a perfect resume, and the second one is that you can definitely write a resume that will appeal to the specific “tastes” of a particular employer. The latter is perhaps due to the fact… Read More »

Mental Health Therapist Cover Letter Sample

Mass produced cover letters are recipes for disaster. Each cover letter for mental health therapist position should be written from the scratch. This is the only way in which you can be fair to yourself. A cover letter that is written on a standard business letter format will lead you to success – one which… Read More »