The purpose of writing a cover letter for an ABA Therapist Resume is to demonstrate the uniqueness of your abilities in front of the recruiter.

Consequently, a cover letter boasts off your writing skills automatically. Through your cover letter, a prospective employer can judge your attention to little details about the job posting, which would be a plus point.




ABA Therapist Cover Letter Example


Gordon Austin

7859 Middle Tetragonal, Lane 09, Carmel, IN 46032
Cellular: 098-888-8000, Email: gordon @ email.com

July 16, 2015

Mr. Bruce Jason
Trumpet Behavioral Health Gilbert Autism Center
82 West Ray Road
Gilbert, AZ, 85249


Dear Mr. Bruce:

I was very excited to hear about your ABA Therapist position from your secretary  Ms. Anna Johnson, and would like to apply for the same. I know about your institution and am really impressed with the TBH’s level of dedication in pursuing autism goals. What moved me the most about TBH, was the attitude and the empathy of the employees towards the gifted children.

My qualifications and work experience that best suits your requirements include:

● B.S. in Applied Behavior Analysis
● Special 2 years’ ABA training from Lovaas Institute
● 2 years’ working experience at Lovaas Insitute
● 1 year working experience, as an ABA Therapist, at Gilbert local Autism Center

Furthermore, my empathic and patient attitude towards the children is what may make me stand out among other applicants for this position. During my past work experiences, I have often been praised for my effective communication skills with the children. Also, I don’t hesitate when it comes to working voluntarily. Social and humanitarian work is like food for my soul.

Please look at the enclosed resume so that you can judge me even better. I have left my contact number and email address with this letter so that you can call me for a detailed discussion at any time. I will be awaiting your kindest response.


Sincere regards,

Gordon Austin