Kinesiologist Resume Sample and Template

Updated on: March 30, 2022

When you write a resume to apply for a kinesiologist position, make sure that you offer information about your skills, accomplishments, and past experience in this role.

A kinesiologist resume should project your professional ability to understand the mechanics of the human body.

In essence, it should reflect what you know about scientific approaches to human rehabilitation and disorders management.

Focusing on your ability to help patients cope with physical injuries, and prevent disorders is important when writing a resume.

Equally important is to mention that you can effectively help patients suffering from physical disabilities lead as normal a life as possible.

When writing your resume, make sure that you see the job description first.

Once you have been through the advertisement to which you are responding, it will be easy to relate your skills and experiences with what the hiring manager is looking for.

The following is a sample of a kinesiologist resume that you can go through for reference purposes:

Sample Resume for Kinesiologist Position

Harriet Gilmore
100 Beach Lane, Salem, MA38107
(00) 310-2101

Highly skilled Kinesiologist with 8+ years of solid work experience in helping patients cope with physical injuries. Excellent ability to provide services aimed at preventing disorders that may impact mobility. Adept at demonstrating proper muscle movement in order to teach patients the prevention of further injuries.

Health Improvement • Needs Assessment
Posture Suggestions • Patient Monitoring
Body Functions • Motor Disorders
Fitness Programs Design • Wellness Programs
Commitment Assurance • Exercise Demonstrations

• Rehabilitated 100+ patients by providing them with excellent physical and emotional support
• Successfully implemented a series of rehabilitation programs with provisions for tweaking according to patients’ requirements
• Designed an array of exercise programs, handling physical disorders of 100% of the patient population


Briotix Health, Salem, MA
May 2017 – Present
• Interview patients to determine their specific support requirements
• Examine patients to figure out present disorders, or injuries
• Provide education to patients focused on injury prevention
• Perform an ongoing assessment to evaluate patients’ progress
• Develop, coordinate, and deliver patient and family education
• Monitor patients’ muscle movements and suggest ways to alleviate pain
• Improve patients’ motor learning skills
• Suggest and demonstrate proper body movements and postures

Physiotherapist Assistant
Interplay Therapy Center, Salem, MA
Sep 2014 – May 2017
• Designed rehabilitation programs in order to increase patients’ ranges of movement
• Developed and implemented fitness mobility programs
• Checked patients for muscle and bone disorders
• Assisted patients in performing exercises to alleviate pain
• Used equipment and tools to provide heat to affected areas
• Ensured that patient follow-up was properly maintained

Associate’s Degree in Occupational Therapy
Massachusetts Community College, Salem, MA

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