Teller Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: September 14, 2015

A cover letter for teller position has the capacity to hit the employment jackpot. That is, if it is written according to what the hiring manager wants to read. If not, well, it has a great potential for disaster. Cover letters that are charismatic enough to keep a hiring manager’s eyes glued open are a class apart. There is nothing ordinary about them – but ordinary is not what a prospective employer looks for anyway.

Starting a Teller Cover Letter
Be it a resume, a cover letter, a movie or a play, how they begin is what decides their fate. Imagine sitting through a movie that starts off in an exceptionally boring manner and continues that way for the next hour. Will you sit in till the end? Probably not! Do not expect a hiring manager to bear with you if he doesn’t like the first line of your cover letter. Write well, write new!

This is where the core is! What do you put in a cover letter that is sure to open up a hiring manager’s eyes and motivate him to keep reading? You talk about interesting stuff – not just your skills but how you would use your skills to benefit the employer. Now that should keep him reading happily!

Cover Letter Goodbyes
Being proactive in this section can save you a lot of grief. Do not just say alright then, bye bye! Tell the reader you will be contacting him to set an appointment soon. Leave your own telephone number. Show assertiveness.

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Teller Cover Letter Sample


Anna Sobers
1175 6th Street
Byron, GA 12010
(000) 141-5858
Anna @ email . com

September 14, 2015

Caleb Mason
Hiring Manager
Trustmark National Bank
274 Tucker Road
Byron, GA 18362


Dear Mr. Mason:

As someone who deeply appreciates the fact that even one cent unaccounted for is a personal failure for a teller, I believe my candidature as a teller is in-sync with the values and mission of Trustmark National Bank. Reading through your mission statement has strengthened my resolve to work for one the best financial institutions in Georgia.

I would appreciate it if you would focus your attention on some of my achievements (just 2 out of the list of many):

• Successfully reconciled a 180 page financial statement of a corporate client, failing which may have resulted in retracted business

• Attained credit card sales goals by a 100% between 2012 and 2015, enabling the bank to acquire business worth $1m

As a teller, I have a lot more to offer, the details of which I can provide to you if we get a chance to meet in person. I will be in touch with your secretary to determine an interview date and time. Alternately, you can reach me at (000) 141-5858.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Anna Sobers

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