Bank Relationship Interview Questions & Answers

Updated on: April 15, 2018

Interview coming up? Scared? Why?

It is only for the lack of preparation that you are feeling this way.

Do not worry.

Just go through the following set of interview questions and answers for a bank relationship manager position to prepare yourself:



Bank Relationship Interview Questions & Answers

Why did you choose the banking as a career?
While I was in business school, I realized that my interest leaned towards banking and finance. And since I believe that one should work in a capacity where one is truly interested, I decided to take up this line of work.

Over the last few years, what have been your job duties in the role of a bank relationship manager?
As a bank relationship manager, I have been busy providing clients with information on banking products, ensuring that their specific banking goals are met. This includes conferring with clients to see their interests, providing them with service and product information, working with them to determine which products suit them best, creating and maintaining records of clients, assessing clients’ financial and credit histories, cross-selling the bank’s services, and ensuring that clients’ problems and concerns are resolved.

What is the one skill that one needs in order to ensure that client satisfaction is a given?
Working as a bank relationship manager is tricky. You need an amalgamation of skills to ensure that client satisfaction is a given. If you ask me to choose, I would say that one needs to be exceptionally insightful to ensure that clients’ specific requirements are determined in an accurate manner.

Have you ever come across a time when you wished that you should have chosen another field?
Never. I have always been very comfortable with my decision to work in banking, and love what I do.

What is the most challenging situation that you have handled while working in banking?
We had a client who had a pretty big account with us. One day, he came to me and began yelling because his account had apparently been hacked, and a lot of money had been transferred to an unknown account. The client created an entire scene at the bank, yelling and screaming that we were thugs and that we had let this happen for some benefit of our own. Since I was handling his account, the repercussions were worst on me. However, through investigation, we found out that the client had given his online banking password to a friend, who decided to do this nefarious deed. This I believe was the most challenging thing that I have handled in my career.

Where do you see yourself professionally in the next five years?
I am training to work my way up to the position of a bank manager. I am hoping that the next five years will be sufficient for this.