Tire Technician Resume Sample

Updated: August 30, 2017


A resume is your core Tire Technician job application document, and it deserves a little extra attention.

In fact, the more time and effort that you spend on it, the better the outcome will be.

Use the following format to help you along:





Tire Technician Resume Example



Toby McGuire

77 Country Road, Central Square, NY 06687
(000) 121-3243
toby.mcq @ email . com


Performance Summary
Competent and resourceful Tire Technician with 8+ years’ extensive experience of installing, maintaining and repairing tires for a wide variety of vehicles. Proficient in testing experimenting and sampling production tires to determine strength, and possible causes of failure.

Operates test equipment such as autographic load-deflection recording mechanisms and evaluates tire uniformity. Hardworking and talented individual who is competent in preparing tires for installation, including mounting and unmounting tires on rims.


✓ Tire Inspection ✓ Damage Probes
✓ Treads Replacement ✓ Preventative Maintenance
✓ Diagnostic Equipment Use ✓ Wheel Alignment
✓ Repair and Maintenance ✓ Tire Rotation
✓ Wear and Tear Minimization ✓ Emergency Response
✓ Defective Parts Buffing ✓ Works Orders Preparation


• Reduced wear and tear on heavy traffic vehicles by suggesting performing preventative maintenance on them.
• Implemented a tire rotation reminder system which was highly appreciated by the company patrons.
• Introduced a preliminary tire inspection system, which was considered 80% more efficient than the one being used.
• Minimized wear and tear on tires and rims by providing patrons with detailed education on how to use them appropriately.

Tire Technician
Bridgestone, Central Square, NY | 6/2011 – Present
• Mount, change and balance tires on a wide variety of vehicles, including trucks, cars and bikes.
• Install and repair tires, and provide education to clients on the benefits of tire rotation
• Inspect tires and rims for serviceability needs, and review wear patterns to determine consistent issues or faults
• Maintain inventory of new, recapped and unserviceable tires, ensuring that all information is properly logged
• Repair tires using patching methods, aiming to make them ready for reinstallation and use
• Determine the right type of tires for steer, drive and trailer applications, ensuring all safety measures are taken into account
• Identify appropriate size and make of tires, providing suggestions to new and existing customers
• Inspect damaged tires and ensure that they are properly and timely fixed and reinstalled

Belle Tires, Central Square, NY | 2/2009 – 5/2011
• Assisted technicians in determining the condition of tires, and removed them for further inspection
• Inspected tires and other vehicle parts for possible wear and tire and provided feedback to technicians
• Handled tire rotation and replacement work, by following set instructions
• Performed mounting and dismounting duties, and ensured that hubs and wheels were properly cleaned
• Provided customers with instructions on performing preventative and regular maintenance on their vehicles’ tires and rims

Central Square High School, Central Square, NY – 2009
High School Diploma