Tire Technician Resume: Sample, Job Description, Skills

Updated on: April 16, 2023

Tire technicians are hired by car maintenance and repair facilities, where their main job is to make sure that customers’ tires, rims, and wheels are in order at all times.

These individuals have to possess great physical strength, as they have to be on their feet most of the day – this work requires a lot of stooping and bending as well.

There is a lot that is expected from a person being hired as a tire technician, as far as high-quality customer service and customer satisfaction are concerned. It is important for tire technicians to determine what customers need by engaging them in conversation, and by providing them with suggestions and valuable information regarding their vehicles.

Many tire technicians also work at workshops, where they may be expected to perform work duties that are not directly related to tires and wheels, such as oil changes and engine tuning. It is important for people hoping to work as tire technicians to be analytic, as they are often called upon to assist in investigating why a certain accident took place, that is if there is a tire burst issue.

A high school diploma or a GED equivalent is sufficient to work as a tire technician. Prior experience working in a tire shop or related facility is always a plus point.

A resume is your core Tire Technician job application document, and it deserves a little extra attention.

In fact, the more time and effort that you spend on it, the better the outcome will be.

Use the following format to help you along:

Tire Technician Resume Example

Toby McGuire
Central Square, NY 
(000) 121-3243
toby.mcq @ email. com


Competent and resourceful Tire Technician with 8+ years of extensive experience in installing, maintaining, and repairing tires for a wide variety of vehicles. Proficient in testing experimenting and sampling production tires to determine the strength and possible causes of failure. Operates test equipment such as autographic load-deflection recording mechanisms and evaluates tire uniformity. A hardworking and talented individual who is competent in preparing tires for installation, including mounting and unmounting tires on rims.

✓ Tire Inspection ✓ Damage Probes
✓ Treads Replacement ✓ Preventative Maintenance
✓ Diagnostic Equipment Use ✓ Wheel Alignment
✓ Repair and Maintenance ✓ Tire Rotation
✓ Wear and Tear Minimization ✓ Emergency Response
✓ Defective Parts Buffing ✓ Work Orders Preparation

• Reduced wear and tear on heavy-usage vehicles by performing preventative maintenance on them.
• Implemented a tire rotation reminder system which was highly appreciated by the company patrons.
• Introduced a preliminary tire inspection system, which was considered 80% more efficient than the one being used.
• Minimized wear and tear on tires and rims by providing patrons with detailed education on how to use them appropriately.


Tire Technician
Bridgestone, Central Square, NY
6/2019 – Present
• Mount, change, and balance tires on a wide variety of vehicles, including trucks, cars, and bikes.
• Install and repair tires, and provide education to clients on the benefits of tire rotation
• Inspect tires and rims for serviceability needs, and review wear patterns to determine consistent issues or faults
• Maintain inventory of new, recapped, and unserviceable tires, ensuring that all information is properly logged
• Repair tires using patching methods, aiming to make them ready for reinstallation and use
• Determine the right type of tires for steer, drive, and trailer applications, ensuring all safety measures are taken into account
• Identify appropriate size and make of tires, providing suggestions to new and existing customers
• Inspect damaged tires and ensure that they are properly and timely fixed and reinstalled

Tire Technician Aide
Belle Tires, Central Square, NY
2/2016 – 5/2019
• Assisted technicians in determining the condition of tires, and removed them for further inspection
• Inspected tires and other vehicle parts for possible wear and tire and provided feedback to technicians
• Handled tire rotation and replacement work, by following set instructions
• Performed mounting and dismounting duties, and ensured that hubs and wheels were properly cleaned
• Provided customers with instructions on performing preventative and regular maintenance on their vehicle’s tires and rims

High School Diploma
Central Square High School, Central Square, NY 

Tire Technician Duties for Resume

  • Engage customers in conversation to determine their specific tire rotation, change, or installation needs.
  • Provide customers with detailed information on available tire brands, and what the best solution for their vehicles is.
  • Choose the right tires for a wide variety of vehicles including trucks, cars, and bikes, and perform installation activities according to provided instructions.
  • Prepare tires for installation purposes, and mount and unmount tires on rims, filling them with appropriate air pressure.
  • Inspect and test tires to determine if they conform to set standards, and provide correlating feedback to customers and supervisors.
  • Examine damaged and defective tires, and determine the feasibility of repair, recommending disposal when necessary.
  • Repair tubes, and tubeless tires, through blister puncturing procedures, applying patches, replacing treads, and removing nails.
  • Perform wheel alignment and balancing activities, and ensure that tires are properly rotated as per schedule.
  • Operate and maintain diagnostic and tire installation and repair equipment and tools on a regular basis.
  • Ensure that a wide variety of approved tire types and associated merchandise is constantly available by overseeing the inventory.

Tire Technician Skills for Resume

Here is a list of sample skills statements for a tire technician position, which you can use on your resume:

  • Highly skilled in preparing tires for installation, and mounting and unmounting them on rims
  • Demonstrated ability to inspect and test tires to ensure conformance to specified safety standards
  • Exceptionally well-versed in examining and probing damaged, defective and flat tires, aiming to determine the extent of damage and feasibility of repair
  • Able to repair tubes and tubeless tires by puncturing blisters, applying patches, and removing nails
  • Competent in changing tubes, installing boots, and replacing treads on tires, aiming to increase their lives
  • Experienced in performing both preventative and regular maintenance on tires, ensuring that procedures such as wheel alignment and balancing, and tire rotation are timely managed
  • Familiar with performing activities such as raising vehicles using hydraulic jacks, and operating cranes and hoists
  • Proven ability to place wheels on balancing machines, aimed at determining counterweights required for wheel balancing work
  • Adept at identifying tire sizes and plies, and ensuring that the right amount of air pressure is filled into them
  • Proficient in installing and reassembling tires onto wheels, and ensuring that they are safely secured in place