Server Technician Resume Sample

Updated: October 30, 2017


Great are the resumes that bring instant results – unfortunately, great resumes are hard to come by, and even harder to create.

If you go through the following resume sample, you may get a fair idea of what lines a resume should be written along:






Server Technician Resume Example



Jason Anderson

626 Weathervane Lane| Akron, OH 46021
(000) 657-8574 | jasonander @ email . com


Innovate and technology-savvy individual with over 7 years of experience in installing and decommissioning switches and data servers within a data center capacity. Proficient in operational and maintenance support to all virtual and physical servers within assigned areas. Provides tier 1 support solutions to cybersecurity vulnerabilities.

• Competent in patching equipment in data centers, and handling installations of copper patching
• Effectively able to respond to requests for support in a timely and efficient manner
• Highly skilled in analyzing incidents, problems and systems information to show trends and potential problem areas


• Problem Analysis • Documentation Production • Server Monitoring
• Troubleshooting • Configuration • Performance Monitoring
• Hardware Maintenance • Exceptions Identification • Improvement Proposals
• Server Assembly • Installation Support • System Integration


• Installed 17 servers within 2 days, during a rush project.
• Troubleshot a problematic print server successfully, which had been in limbo for 4 days.
• Introduced the concept of preventative maintenance on servers, leading in decreased incidents of breakdowns.
• Successfully implemented a performance monitoring system, which was considered 85% more efficient than the one in place.


Server Technician
Milestone, Akron, OH | 5/2014 – Present
• Install and configure servers and ensure that they are properly maintained on a regular basis
• Select the right type of server or build servers according to specified instructions
• Assist in the transition from outdated servers, and ensure that new ones are installed and configured
• Configure and integrate servers with existing servers, and ensure that they are kept up and running at all times
• Test servers to ensure that they are in good working order, and that any issues are handled in a timely manner
• Conduct investigations on system performances, and create proposals for required improvements
• Produce documents for all server systems, in accordance with specified protocols
• Ascertain that requests for support are processed in an immediate manner

IT Server Technician
ITAC Solutions, Akron, OH | 2/2009 – 5/2014
• Installed and maintained computer systems such as desktops and peripherals
• Ascertained that both software and hardware were updated and installed properly
• Assisted in performing troubleshooting activities on systems, ensuring that downtime was minimized
• Provided users with information on how to handle complex computer commands
• Provided support in creating user documentation and ensured that proper support logs were maintained

Ohio State University, Akron, OH – 2009
Associate’s Degree in Information Technology