Residential Maintenance Technician Interview Questions and Answers

Updated: July 12, 2018

An interview is the last stage of your Residential Maintenance Technician job hiring process.

There is only one way in which you can ensure that your interview will be a success – by preparing for it in a proper manner.

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Residential Maintenance Technician Interview Questions and Answers

What do you find most interesting about working as a residential maintenance technician?

I find the work interesting on many levels. The fact that I am presented with a new challenge every day is what makes this work most interesting for me.

And what do you not like about the work?

To be perfectly candid, there is nothing that I do not like about the work. I love my work immensely, and ensure that due diligence is provided when working on any task.

As a residential maintenance technician, what has been your prime duties in the past?

I have worked as a residential maintenance technician for over 3 years now, and have been actively inspecting assigned buildings on a regular basis, identifying repair and maintenance needs, ensuring that these needs are met in a timely manner, handling grounds-keeping work, and ensuring that both preventative and regular maintenance is performed on systems such as HVAC, electrical, and plumbing.

What inherent skills do you possess which make you an excellent choice to hire as a residential maintenance technician?

Apart from the skills that I have been lucky enough to polish over the years that I have spent working in this capacity, I am an exceptionally organized individual, who works on a timetable system. Also, my knowledge of maintenance services in a residential building capacity is profound, and I have a great capability to handle a wide variety of maintenance and repair tasks, simultaneously if needed.

What is the one thing that you find exceptionally challenging about this work?

The work is challenging on many levels. I cannot pinpoint one area that may be more challenging than another. Every day is a new day, and it takes quite a lot for me to deem something as a challenge.

What is the most difficult case that you have had to handle up till now?

There was an instance when a resident complained of a sound that seemed to be coming from the ventilation system. The problem was that the sound kept moving, and hence, could not be identified properly. It took me quite a few hours to determine that the sound was moving because it was being made by a ferret who had made its ways into the ventilation system.