9 Operating Room Technician Skills for Resume

Updated on: August 8, 2021

The reason behind many of us failing the employment race at the very beginning is not because we are incompetent. The reason is usually something more deep-rooted.

The core document that we use to apply for a job – the resume – needs to be complete if we want to be successful in communicating our eligibility for a job.

Job experience, accomplishments, and education are sections that are almost never ignored as they are “obvious” pieces of information. However, we tend to leave out an extremely important section – skills!

Skills come first – everything comes later. And we don’t mean that they should be mentioned first on a resume. Where the skills section should be placed depends on the format that we are following. When we say that skills come first, we mean in the chain of events.

There is no way that you can be accomplished or gain experience if you do not have the skills to do so. Skills are important for everything that we do, whether within the job world or outside. So it makes sense to write them down properly in a resume for the hiring manager to see and gauge us.

How skills are written is important as well – stating that you are skilled doesn’t cut it. You have to prove it as well. By writing eloquent sentences such as the ones given below, you can outline your skills in a profound fashion:

Sample Skills for Operating Room Technician Resume

1. Demonstrated ability to handle equipment and instruments sterilization duties by following set SOPs post and pre-operative stages

2. Expert in preparing operating rooms by ensuring that operating tables are set up and that surgical instruments are available for use

3. Track record of preparing patients before surgeries by providing them with information on what to expect and cleaning and disinfecting surgical areas on their bodies

4. Well-versed in anticipating patients’ needs while inside the operating room to ensure their comfort and ease

5. Proven record of effectively assisting the surgical team by coordinating closely with doctors and team members

6. Highly skilled in carefully delivering patients to recovery rooms and providing recovery staff with information specific to each surgical case

7. Proficient in handling sterile fields by performing detailed scrubbing and sanitizing duties

8. Adept at handling inventories of surgical equipment and supplies to ensure availability at the time of surgery

9. Track record of efficiently setting up sterile tables with instruments required for specific surgeries and assisting in handing surgeons instruments and operating equipment as and when instructed