Best Motorcycle Technician Cover Letter Sample

Updated March 14, 2021
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A cover letter for a motorcycle technician, as the name suggests, is meant to cover/support your resume or job application. It is a means to communicate your professional potential to the employer in simple words.

In fact, cover letters are generally much more personalized as compared to resumes; avoid the common mistake of replicating your resume in the cover letter.

Make sure you personalize your cover letter in a targeted manner and portray precisely the picture your prospective employer is looking for.

Clearly formatted Motorcycle Technician cover letters that include some keywords and utilize bullets or tables enhance the chances of an interview call.

You may go through various cover letter formats available on the internet and select the format that suits your purpose best.

Sample Cover Letter for Motorcycle Technician Resume

Kevin Murray
909 Jacques St., Houma, LA 54144
Cellular: (009) 333-4444, Home: (008) 555-4444
kevin . murray @ email . com

March 14, 2021

Mr. George Felix
Hiring Manager
Motor Wheels
930 Opal Ave
Houma, LA 65443

Dear Mr. Felix:

I’m very excited to apply for the position of Motorcycle Technician at Motor Wheels. I offer excellent mechanical diagnostic and troubleshooting skills in repairing a variety of motorcycles. Besides that, I own a complete motorcycle repair kit since I am currently offering consultancy services in the field.

Some brief highlights of my qualifications:

  • Current driver’s license with a motorcycle endorsement
  • Expert in fuel efficiency enhancement
  • Skilled in assembly and disassembly of parts
  • Demonstrated ability to use hand and power mechanical tools
  • Adept at taking and following instructions
  • Poised to communicate effectively with customers, and developing cost plans for repair work
  • Familiar with engine overhauling and service procedures

My experience in the assessment and diagnosis of new and used motorcycles for brand promotional events could also come in very handy at Motor Wheels. The enclosed resume features my mechanical skills and expertise in detail.

I want to discuss my mechanical competencies with you and determine how these can be utilized productively at Motor Wheels. I will contact you after one week to follow up and to answer any queries you might have regarding my qualifications.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Kevin Murray

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