Millwright Helper Resume Sample

Updated: April 4, 2021

Resume writing has greatly evolved over the years. And it has not become easier. Despite so many resources available to us, resume writing is still dreaded by most. The dread probably comes due to the fact that we think of what will happen after our resumes have been submitted. Which is when the test actually starts. The actual resume writing is not so difficult. However, it does require a fair share of effort.

The best way of building a modern millwright helper resume is to first collect all the information available to you. This includes:

• Job advertisement that highlights requirements
• Your old resume and cover letter to derive information from
• A list of skills that you can offer to the prospective employer
• A list of achievements/ accomplishments that you have to your name

Once you have all this information with you, writing a resume will not seem like a tedious task.

To provide you with some idea on how to handle the actual resume writing part, here is a sample for you:

Millwright Helper Resume Sample

Ronald Weasly
635 Mendon Road 
Cumberland, RI 02865 
(999) 999-9999 
ronalweas @ email . com

 Millwright Helper

Physically dexterous, hardworking, and versatile individual with demonstrated ability to read blueprints and technical specifications. Good hand-eye coordination along with a great ability to work successfully in a team environment.

• Proficient in visualizing layouts by looking at plans along with excellent skills in operating computerized machinery
• Hands-on experience in installing, aligning, and moving stationary industrial machinery and mechanical equipment
• Competent at operating hoisting and lifting devices including cranes, jacks, and tractors
• Qualified to inspect and examine machinery and equipment to detect irregularities and malfunctions

• Installation
• Dismantling
• Drilling
• Safety regulations
• 3D visualization
• Layout management
• Hazard minimization
• Equipment alignment
• Equipment testing
• Schematic drawings

• Dismantled huge machinery comprising of 889 parts within the record time of 6 hours
• Introduced the concept of using jacks and plumb bobs which reduced alignment time by 50%
• Created a short booklet on job site safety, now being used as part of the orientation program for new hires
• Singlehandedly put together complex machinery within the designated 2 hours, for a special assignment on a day off


Millwright Helper (6/2012 to Present)
Tradesmen International, Cumberland, RI
• Assist in planning, layout, and installation of equipment and machinery in accordance with specified plans and industry codes
• Dismantle machines using a variety of tools such as hammers, wrenches, and crowbars
• Move machinery and equipment by using hoists, dollies, and trucks
• Align machines and equipment using hoists, jacks, squares, and micrometers
• Assist in assembling machines and/or fastening them to foundations or other structures
• Provide support in repairing and lubricating out of commission machines and/or components
• Measure, cut, and assist in installing hangers and replace defective machinery parts
• Weld and fabricate machinery equipment and troubleshoot issues with hydraulics and other mechanical components

Millwright Apprentice (1/2010 to 5/2012)
Robins and Morton, Cumberland, RI
• Received and stored machines and machinery components in safe areas
• Assisted in measuring and cutting hangers and replacing machinery parts
• Moved machinery and equipment using hoists and rollers
• Provided support in aligning machines and equipment by using jacks, plumb bobs and rules
• Assisted in performing maintenance and repair on machinery components parts
• Ensured that all work areas are kept clean and free from hazardous materials

St. James College, Cumberland, RI – 2009
Associate of Science in Manufacturing Technology