All cover letters for millwright position need to be extremely focused so that they do not leave anything which is desired by the employer.

Let us suppose that you are a millwright looking for employment; how would you write your cover letter for millwright resume?

You will need to identify who you are, why have you contacted an employer and why the employer must meet you. You may write the skills a millwright should possess in order to gain the employer’s attention.

Look at the example below in order to get a good idea.


Millwright Cover Letter Example


827 Whitehills Ct.
Lake Saint Louise, MO 77363

May 6, 2017

Mr. Brian Jackson
Hiring Manager
Apex Mills
982 Broadway Avenue
Lake Saint Louise, MO 99383


Dear Mr. Jackson:

I have been following the success of Apex Mills for over a year now and needless to say, very excited to apply for the position of Millwright in your company. I possess a considerable experience in managing duties related to assembling and dismantling power plants on a large scale. Owing to my knowledge and experience, I am confident in my capability to become an asset to your company.

As a highly skilled Millwright in industrial atmosphere, I’ve a demonstrated ability to install and maintain industrial machinery. My knowledge and hands-on experience in using hand and power tools, lasers, ultrasonic measuring tools, plumb bobs, cutting torches, welding machines and tensioners will enable me to perform my duties efficiently at Apex Mills.

Furthermore, I have the capacity to understand the safety precautions that are needed in order to work effectively and minimize accidents; I strive hard to take them all into account prior to starting a procedure. Having attained formal on-the-job-trainings, I am able to understand layouts, necessary mathematical and geometry concepts and load properties that are essential to the success and easy flow of this work.

I am very confident that you will find my skills set strong enough to call for an interview. I would like to meet with you in person for which I will contact your office in the week of May 20 in order to set up a meeting date and time. In addition, I will be available after business hours at (000) 854-8545 if you need any additional information.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you soon.



Elijah Wood

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