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Updated on March 18, 2018

Looking like a champ in a resume is only possible if you have substantiated all sections in your resume.

That includes the skills section which was not given much thought until recently.

Applicants were not too bothered highlighting their skills but then neither were employers. Concentration was always on experience and education which have somewhat become secondary now. In this era, it is the skills section that rules.

It is not to say that the education and experience sections are redundant – they are still as vital as they were but the skills section probably tops them by a fraction. Employers look at it this way – if you are not skilled enough, your education and experience cannot be wholesome. So basically, the battle is that you shine out by virtue of your competencies. Personal attributes and abilities have not outlived their usefulness either. Analyzing which popular traits employers are looking for in an employee is key to writing the skills section on a resume correctly.

Some common skills that employers wish are present in an employee include leadership, interpersonal skills, motivation, efficiency, attention to detail, teamwork, reliability, time management and honesty.

But these cannot be listed as they are – mere one-word skills do not work. Skills have to be written in a way that is complete and tell the employer that you have something that no one else does.

To see how skills should be written in a resume, refer to the list below for a medical lab technician position:

Sample Skills for Medical Lab Technician Resume

• Demonstrated ability to perform laboratory tests about toxicology, chemistry, and hematology to determine the cause of disease or complaint.

• Documented success in organizing specimen labeling, logging and sorting for appropriate laboratory processes.

• Track record of maintaining quality results through running standardized controls.

• Well-versed in handling routine maintenance by calibrating lab equipment using approved procedures.

• Excellent skills in identifying abnormal patient conditions through thorough lab testing activities.

• Proficient in detecting the presence of toxic substances such as drugs and evaluating the intensity of adverse consequences on patients’ health.

• Familiar with the use of gamma counters, spectrophotometers and densitometers to handle immunology and serological testing.

• Qualified to collect and receive blood, tissue and urine samples and prepare them for testing purposes.

• Exceptional talent for storing samples under controlled situations owing to a deep understanding of specimen preparation and storage.

• Adept at analyzing and recording test results appropriately to issue correlating reports in graphical and narrative forms.

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