Hemodialysis Technician Resume Sample

Updated on: August 13, 2021

If you are thinking to apply for a new job as a hemodialysis Technician, then you will be required to write a resume.

It is one of the most gratifying feelings to be able to produce a resume that is flawless.

But to be able to get to the flawless stage, the resume should be written and revised carefully. Deciding which content to put in and how to handle the various aspects of the resume content is a challenge.

Content that is relevant to the Hemodialysis Technician job and complete information of your previous experiences is what a resume is about majorly.

Put in a few accomplishments and skills and you are good to go.

Here is a sample resume for Hemodialysis Technician for reference purposes:

Hemodialysis Technician Resume Sample

Joseph Gardner
73 Bath Street, Manchester, NH 08974
(000) 120-1414
joegar @ email . com


Passionate and detail-oriented hemodialysis technician with 6+ years experience in assembling and calibrating hemodialysis machines, preparing patients for dialysis procedures, and equipment maintenance and repair. Special talent for assembling and preparing dialysis extracorporeal circuits according to set protocols. A meticulous individual who effectively tests machine functions such as alarms and conductivity inspects patients’ dialysis access, inserts needles, and initiates dialysis according to unit protocols. Demonstrated expertise in measuring and adjusting blood flow rates according to established procedures and patients’ prescriptions.

• Machine Calibration
• Treatment Initiation
• Patient Preparation
• Infection Control
• Emergency Management 
• Complications Handling 


Hemodialysis Technician | 2/2013 – Present
Concentric Methods, Manchester, NH
• Suggest acquiring a novel hemodialysis machine that reduced process time by 65%
• Introduce and implement a new system to assess and evaluate patients registered for hemodialysis procedures, reducing the assessment time by 50%
• Train 14 staff members of the hemodialysis unit in calculating fluid removal and monitoring patients for adverse reactions
• Set up and operate hemodialysis machine and ensure that it is calibrated before the arrival of the first patient
• Test monitors and machine functions to ensure optimal functioning of the process
• Obtain and document pre-hemodialysis vital signs such as temperature, pulse, and blood pressure
• Assess patients for signs of distress and provide them with information on what to expect during the process
• Document treatment parameters and ensure that doctors are aware of patient condition at each stage

Hemodialysis Technician | 1/2010 – 2/2013
AA Healthcare, Manchester, NH
• Troubleshoot a hemodialysis machine component that broke down mid-treatment, without letting the process affect the patient
• Changed fluid removal rates and positioned the patient according to the demands of the dialysis procedure
• Communicated concerns regarding emotional, medial and nutritional problems to the nurse on duty
• Properly disposed of apertures and supplies at the end of the procedure
• Cleaned, sterilized, and maintained dialysis room and equipment according to standardized procedures

Hemodialysis Externship | 2/2009 to 1/2010
Northwell Health, Manchester, NH
• Cleaned and sanitized hemodialysis equipment before each procedure
• Assisted technicians by providing them with information on patients’ histories and presenting files
• Provided support in setting up and calibrating dialysis machines
• Ascertained that any post-procedure waste is properly and safely disposed of
• Handled inventory of supplies and equipment required for hemodialysis procedures

Hemodialysis Certification
New Hampshire Department of Public Health – NNCC

AAS Clinical Hemodialysis Technician
Stratford University, Manchester, NH
• Principles of Hemodialysis
• Dialysis Delivery Systems
• Pre/Post Patient Assessment
• Dialysis Safety Procedures
• Anatomy and Physiology
• Medical Terminology