ICT Support Technician Resume Sample

Updated on: October 1, 2017

Convincing a hiring manager that you are perfect for a job is easy through a well-written resume.

But well-written resumes for ICT Support Technician position are few and far apart – at least where hiring managers are concerned.

And if you can build your resume the way the following sample is built, you are already on the road to success:





ICT Support Technician Resume Example



Brandon Wyatt

4990 W Reeves Avenue, Salt Lake City, NY 26314
(000) 214-8546
branwy @ email . com


Technically savvy ICT Support Technician with extensive experience in handling the installation, maintenance and development of ICT infrastructures. Talented in providing ICT support for all users, ensuring that the integrity of the entire structure.

Proactively connects, set up and checks workstations and peripherals to ensure smooth operations. Track record of success detecting, diagnosing and resolving workstation, peripheral and application errors.  Competent in advising on compatibility of hardware, applications and operating systems, based on user requirements.


✓ System Setup ✓ Network Components ✓ Backup/Virus Protection
✓ Analysis Reporting ✓ Support Priorities ✓ Elements Management
✓ Strategy and Planning ✓ Maintenance and Security ✓ Application Support
✓ Personal ICT Development ✓ Network Configuration ✓ Resource Development


• Successfully set up ICT services for 3 networks simultaneously, ensuring that all parameters were covered for all.
• Implemented a fool proof virus protection system that could detect possible threats in real time.
• Strategically implemented maintenance schedules for all workstations and peripherals, resulting in increasing their life by 55%.
• Diagnosed and troubleshot a particularly stubborn ICT service issue, which had been in limbo for 5 weeks.

ICT Support Technician
Century Link, Salt Lake City, NY | 5/2014 – Present
• Create solutions and provide timely and professional client level technical support for user communities.
• Collaborate with tam members to provide support on technology initiatives and projects.
• Connect, set up and check workstations and peripherals to ensure the smoothness of operations.
• Detect and diagnose peripheral and application errors and ensure that they are properly resolved.
• Install software on file servers, and maintain both hardware and software on assigned servers and workstations
• Manage active network components such as routers and switches, and install additional servers, and upgrade networks.
• Implement system backup, virus protection and security procedures, in regards to protecting hardware, data and confidential information.
• Plan and implement changes to elements of the ICT service, and maintain an overall view of the capabilities of the service.

ICT Support Technician
CACI, Salt Lake City, NY | 2/2010  – 5/2014
• Confer with users to determine their specific workstation setup and maintenance requirements.
• Install software and hardware on assigned workstations, and ensure that all peripherals are in good working condition.
• Back up data and confidential information and ensure that appropriate virus protection measures are being taken.
• Produce and analyze ICT reports on support requests for management purposes.
• Provide support for the full range of financial planning for ICT, to ensure that all directives are within budget.

New York State University, Salt lake City, NY – 2009
Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Sciences