Facilities Maintenance Technician Resume Sample

Updated: August 4, 2016

There are tons of resume killing mistakes that we do not even know we are making. And unless we do something about it, there is no way we can get a decent job.

So look through your resume and critically analyze it. See what is wrong with it. Is there too much information? Not enough of it? Have you placed the right information under the right heads? Is the information that you have provided clear and concise?

It is? You’ve scored a 100! On to the resume sample:


Facilities Maintenance Technician Resume Sample


Caleb Dote

1837 Thornwood Road ● Stamford, CT 16381 ● (000) 142-7475 ● calebdote @ email . com

 Facilities Maintenance Technician

Jack of All Trades

Performance Summary: Highly motivated and enthusiastic facilities maintenance technician with a strong background in overseeing building maintenance tasks over a broad spectrum. Skilled in handling facilities maintenance tasks over a brad area including HVAC, electrical, carpentry and plumbing. Verifiable track record in initiating and overseeing centralized maintenance work. Efficiently completes repairs and maintenance work over large areas in a multi-unit environment.


• Electrical Code • Design Drawing
• HVAC Operations • Building Automation Systems
• Electrical Troubleshooting • Manufacturing Support Equipment
• Safe Chemical Use • Utility Systems Maintenance
• General Maintenance • Powerhouse Equipment Monitoring
• Fire Alarm System Requirements • Customer Service


Facilities Maintenance Technician
Avery Dennison Corporation, Stamford, CT | 6/2013 to Present

• Train 15 new maintenance technicians in reading and understanding the role of blueprints in facilities maintenance work
• Introduce a series of initiative building exercises to focus technicians’ work on potential projects
• Inspect buildings and structures to determine malfunctions in existing systems and needs for repair
• Make lists of work that has to be performed each day and schedule technicians to work accordingly
• Provide training to maintenance technicians by informing them of best practices
• Handle minor plumbing and electrical maintenance procedures such as repair of leaks and replacing fixtures
• Prepare surfaces for painting and buffing purposes and ensure that both work is performed in a time efficient manner
• Act as the primary point of contact for all personnel requiring assistance with building issues such as heating and air conditioning

Facilities Maintenance Technician
KYI Inc, Stamford, CT | 8/2002 – 6/2013

• Decreased facility malfunctions by employing dedicated investigative procedures and preventative maintenance
• Increased operational efficiency by 70% by ensuring that needed supplies and equipment are obtained in advance, through local vendors
• Assisted in transporting goods from one place to another within the building
• Handled security alarms and fire alarms systems within the building and ensured that they are properly maintained
• Diagnosed problems with HVAC systems and electric meters
• Ascertained that all supplies and equipment needed for maintenance purposes are available in a consistent manner

Maintenance Technician
Toys R Us, Stamford, CT | 1/1996 – 8/2002

• Performed maintenance work on building systems such as HVAC, electricity and plumbing
• Provided emergency / unscheduled repairs to equipment during production cycles
• Diagnosed problems with machineries and devised ways of countering them
• Performed carpentry functions in sync with carpenters and by using a variety of hand and power tools
• Detected faulty operations and ensured that all maintenance work was being done according to laid out laws and regulations

Diploma: Emery High School, Stamford, CT – 1995