Electrical Technician Job Description for Resume

Updated on: July 8, 2016

Position Overview

Electrical technicians are hired by electrical service companies to assist their clients in handling electrical problems associated with appliances or systems. It is imperative for electrical technicians to be able to use tools of the trade including diagnostic and measuring devices, and possess the ability to evaluate how electrical equipment is working.

The basic work of an electrical technician includes designing, testing and repairing a multitude of electronic equipment and systems. In many instances, an electrical technician may also troubleshoot and repair mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic systems, which is why he or she will need to be well-versed in handling programmable controls, numeral controls and power supplies.

Ability to resolve problems, technical capacity, decision-making capabilities and teamwork orientation are just some of the important qualities required in an electrical technician. Equally important are deductive reasoning, logic, manual dexterity and analytic skills. Since electrical technicians have to work closely with clients and coworkers, it is important for them to possess a personality that will help them communicate effectively and be pleasant.

What follows is a list of duties that are particular to the position of an electrical technician:

Electrical Technician Job Description for Resume

• Read and comprehend blue prints and schematic drawings to determine where and how to install electrical wiring
• Install and maintain wiring and lighting systems and inspect each component to ensure that it is in proper working condition
• Identify electrical problems in already installed components using a variety of diagnostic tools and systems
• Diagnose causes of electrical problems and ensure that they are resolved to ward off chances of them happening again
• Inspect electrical systems and components to evaluate conditions and identify necessary repairs
• Monitor the work of external vendors to ensure that all work is being carried out on schedule and in a time-efficient manner
• Repair electrical components such as motors, circuits, transformers and generators to ensure safe working conditions
• Respond to emergency situations to resolve immediate threats brought on by electrical issues
• Devise and suggest upgrades for existing electrical systems and components and install them after gaining approval
• Fabricate and test electrical harnesses and ensure that printed circuit boards are properly populated
• Plans layouts of electrical wiring and equipment and fixtures by keeping both job specifications and local codes in mind
• Install ground leads and replace faulty wiring and equipment by making using of both hand and power tools