Entry Level Biotechnology Technician Resume No Experience

Updated November 20, 2019

Biotechnology technicians are all the rage nowadays, with expected job growth of 13% till 2026. If you have recently obtained a degree in biotechnology, it is time to write a compelling resume and cover letter.

There are plenty of opportunities out there. In order to land a job, you will need to focus on the resume content. Crafting a resume for this position requires effort.


Piquing the hiring manager’s interest through your resume is paramount to getting the job.

4 Quick Tips

  1. Keep it simple, clear and concise
  2. Do not go off-topic
  3. Make sure that the information which you provide is what the hiring manager wants to see
  4. Emphasize your skills to stand out from the potential applicants

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Here is a sample that you can look through:



Entry Level Biotechnology Technician Resume No Experience


Monica Feller
5 Ford Road, Naples, FL64534
(000) 654-6969

Biotechnology Technician

Fresh and enthusiastic biotechnology graduate, with an inherent insight in handling scientific tests and experiments. Knowledge of using traditional laboratory instruments and advanced robotics. Effectively able to collect and store samples in accordance with instructions. Capability to assist medical researchers by administering new medicines and treatments to determine the effect.

Bachelor’s Degree in Biotechnology
Florida State University, Naples, FL – 2019

• Inquiries in Biological Science 
• Bioinformatics 
• Molecular and Cellular Biology
• Workplace Learning in Biology
• Laboratory Management and Safety 
• Current Trends and Applications in the Life Sciences 

Academic Achievements
• Responsible for implanting core safety procedures in the university lab
• Picked out of 30 students to represent the university at an international biotechnology fair

Machine Setup | Biological Testing
Data Analysis | Sample Preparation
Instruments Use | Research Assistance
Preventative Maintenance | Contamination Control


Biotechnology Intern
Genus Pic, Naples, FL | 2/2019 – Present

• Create and conduct experiments using live organisms
• Follow different methodologies to achieve the required results
• Set up and calibrate laboratory machines and equipment
• Assist with process improvements
• Recorded and disseminated experiment results
• Operated standard lab equipment
• Collected information and samples such as water and soil
• Prepared medical reagents
• Monitored experiments to ensure proper procedure
• Ensured compliance with applicable regulations
• Ordered equipment and supplies
• Worked with vendors to design customized lab equipment
• Cleaned and maintained supplies and work areas
• Assisted with research, development, and manufacturing of preparations
• Measured and weighed compounds for use in testing procedures

• MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint
• Internet and Email

• Volunteered services at 2 hospitals for 3 years, in a laboratory and patient support capacity
• Headed a rugby training club for blind children, during summer months of 2018 and 2019

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