Kindergarten Assistant Job Description for Resume

Updated on: September 4, 2015

We know that you are anxious to build your resume so that you can apply for that very appealing kindergarten assistant job that you have just discovered a vacancy for. But wait! Hold your horses! Find out what the job entails first.

Kindergarten assistants are vital to the smoothness of kindergarten class activities. As the direct support of lead kindergarten teachers, they provide assistance with everything. From imparting lessons to maintaining order within the class, kindergarten assistants are required to do it all. They are usually quite well trained in handling young children – basic requirements to work at this position include the ability to handle children well, familiarity with child development procedures and expertise in maintaining class discipline.

In most preschools / kindergartens, it is the duty of a kindergarten assistant to perform research work and develop materials for teaching. At times they are given specific instructions on how to do this; sometimes, they might need to use their own good judgement to carry out these tasks. Other skills that are needed to get a job as a kindergarten assistant is empathy, patience and proficiency in following an early years’ curriculum.

Typical duties of a kindergarten assistant include:

Job Description for Kindergarten Assistant Resume

• Comprehend core kindergarten curriculum and its application
• Assist in creating and implementing lesson plans and imparting lessons to kindergarten students
• Provide support to students in learning and understanding concepts
• Perform research work to find and develop learning aides for students
• Read stories to students and involve them in circle time activities
• Plan and implement lessons on daily and long range basis
• Observe students to ensure that they are behaving properly and decipher and address discomfort
• Escort students to bathrooms and to extracurricular activities and monitor their movements to ensure safety and wellbeing
• Assist students in eating lunch and provide them with instructions on how to properly behave during eating time
• Collect materials and create educational displays for decorating classrooms and hallways
• Help maintain order in classrooms and monitor students to ensure that they are kept to task
• Assist special needs students in meeting their individual learning objectives
• Provide comfort to distressed students and handle emergency situations by employing skills in First Aid and CPR
• Create and maintain records of students’ information in an organized and confidential manner
• Provide feedback to lead teacher regarding the progress of each student and assist in creating reports
• Engage parents in conversation to provide them with heads up on their children’s progress and limitations