Kindergarten Assistant Resume Sample

Updated on: April 2, 2021

There is nothing more satisfying than looking through a resume that is spot on with an employer’s requirements. Hiring managers are picky. They don’t want to go through the long hours of finding who will be a good candidate for a job. 

Going through a well-written resume is a sight for the sore eyes of recruiters! And that makes it important for the candidate to focus closely on what he writes in a resume. If you want to be one of the few winners whose resume will be awarded an interview, you need to make sure that you use the power of words to your benefit.

The resume sample below (for a kindergarten assistant) will give you some hints on how to do this:

Kindergarten Assistant Resume Sample

Cheryl Cole
3791 N 63rd Street
Milwaukee, WI 36480
(999) 999-9999
cherrycole@ email .com


A passionate individual who enjoys working with children of different ages. Track record of planning and implementing daily and long-range lessons and classroom activities. Well-versed in preparing instructional materials, curriculum, and instruction for the early childhood classroom. First Aid and CPR Certified. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

• Known for providing individual and small-group instruction to kindergarten students, aimed at meeting their intellectual abilities
• Proficient in monitoring students with a view to keep them at task and maintaining order in classrooms
• Competent at assisting children with special needs to meet their objectives and integrate smoothly in with other students
• Special talent for assessing students and documenting their individual needs, targeted at assisting them with their limitations

• Developed and implemented a series of project-based programs for kindergarten students to help prepare them for international testing purposes.
• Researched and developed 18 lesson plans aimed at providing preliminary education to kindergarten students in the absence of the lead teacher.
• Prepared a large 15 x 15 (feet) education display for the science week, which earned a commendation from the school management.
• Integrated 15 students with special needs into regular classes, by employing dedicated focus on their needs and preparing them for the real world.


Kindergarten Assistant
(5/2016 to Present)
• Assist lead teachers in implementing predesigned kindergarten curriculum
• Provide support in creating and imparting lesson plans
• Work with each student on an individual level to ensure that he or she is at par with the academic level of the class
• Provide individual and group instructions to adapt the curriculum to the needs of students’ intellectual levels
• Help plan lessons on a daily and long-range basis and conduct exercises with small groups of students
• Observe and monitor student behavior and inform the lead teacher of any alarming situations
• Assist special needs students in learning level-appropriate skills to help them integrate into regular classes
• Check students’ work and ensure that it is in compliance with the lead teacher’s instructions
• Create and maintain records of students and ensure that they are kept confidential
• Provide feedback to lead teacher for the purpose of building individual student reports

Special Needs Assistant
(1/2008 to 5/2016)
• Assessed the specific needs and limitations of students and created and implemented core plans to help them
• Work with individual children to provide them assistance in learning concepts and carrying out activities
• Observed students to ensure that they are safe and are working in accordance to the instructions provided
• Created reports on students’ behavior and response to individualized programs

Associate’s Degree in Education
Major: Early Childhood Education
• Personal Dimensions of Education
• Art Appreciation
• Early Childhood Behavior Management
• Child Development
• Motor Activities
• English Composition
• Communication
• Ethics
• Moral Reasoning
• Informal Logic

• Supplemental instruction
• Special needs
• KG teaching methodologies
• Discipline implementation
• Interactive learning
• Activities-based teaching
• Group sessions