After School Paraprofessional Recommendation Letter Sample

Updated on: September 5, 2016

In these times when everything is uncertain, recommendation letters fill some part of the gap. They act as buffers, since they recommend employees who are already tried and tested. Usually, a recommendation letter is sent with a “To Whom It May Concern” header, since the writer doesn’t know who the applicant will hand the letter to. In cases where the writer does know who the recipient is, the letter is called a letter of introduction.

Recommendation letters are simply yet eloquently written. The rule is that you praise the person for whom you are writing the recommendation so that he or she can benefit from it in the form of a job placement. Getting someone a job is the main purpose of writing a recommendation letter. You can honestly write a recommendation letter for an individual only if you know them and their work well. If you have been approached to write one by someone whom you are not familiar with, the best thing to do is to decline to write one.

Remember that for any recommendation that you give, you may be held responsible at a later stage. To see how you can write one for an after school paraprofessional, here is a sample:


After School Paraprofessional Recommendation Letter Sample


September 5, 2016


To Whom It May Concern

I am writing in enthusiastic support of Alice Eldered who has worked as an after school paraprofessional under my supervision at The Extra Helping Hands. I have known Alice for 3 years, and have found her to be exceptionally balanced and well-versed in handling special education programs.

Alice loves to learn new things and since special education is something that changes often, this attribute is a welcome sight. Since 2013, she has been handling our after school educational programs and has done it diligently and with great integrity. Her students love her and all the teachers whom she has assisted are in awe of her, owing to her extremely professional yet kind nature.

With exceptional talent in providing one-on-one therapy to students with special needs, Alice is in a league of her own. Her decision to move to another city has left our institute in a quandary as we know that it will be difficult to replace her.

We wish her the best of luck in all her future endeavors, and I recommend her strongly for any work that she chooses to take up in this capacity.

If required, I can be reached at (000) 210-5841 for further comment.



Amelia Gregory
The Extra Helping Hands
12 5th Street
New York, NY 77788