Sample Cover Letter for Teacher with No Experience

Updated September 17, 2019

Cover Letter for Teacher with No Experience Page ImageWriting a teacher a cover letter, when you have no experience in hand, is a challenging task.

Since cover letters are a marketing tool, it is difficult to communicate the right potential as the candidate has no experience in hand. That is where transferrable skills come in.


Transferrable skills are those skills, which have been acquired over time by candidates through education and real life experiences.

For a teaching position, for example, a knack for organizing things, teamwork, and excellent presentation skills will work well.

Convince the reader that you are capable of handling a class and knowledgeable enough to implement the lesson effectively.

Teaching positions in the USA requires the candidate to be certified and licensed, therefore, make sure you have a state-specific teaching license before you apply.



Below is a sample cover letter for a teacher with no experience.

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Sample Cover Letter for Teacher with No Experience



Susan Ronald
340 NW Lane, Pasadena, CA 48992
(000) 856-9595
susan @ email . com

September 17, 2019

Mr. Kristen Howard
HR Manager
Pacific Oaks School
9 Fielder Ave
Pasadena, CA 48992


Dear Mr. Howard:

As a dedicated and results-oriented Teacher with knowledge of lesson imparting and classroom management, I appling for a Teacher position at Pacific Oaks School.

Below are some of my major qualifications, which perfectly complement your job description:

• Agile and vigilant, committed to delivering high quality activity-based lessons.

• Unique ability to help develop ideas.

• Ample knowledge of children’s age-specific psychosocial and cognitive needs.

• Proficient in communicating effectively with parents, colleagues, and management regarding curriculum and its proper implementation.

• Adept at record-keeping and charting student’s progress in graphical form.

• Able to identify children’s special needs and cater to the same within mainstreamed classrooms.

As you require an active teacher who can engage students in activities and plan and deliver daily lessons in a highly effective manner. I firmly believe the blend of my lesson development and importation knowledge will help me make a positive contribution to the learning process of students.

All things considered, I would request you to call me now at (000) 856-9595 to set up an interview date and time. Thank you for your time and consideration.




Susan Ronald

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