Online Tutor Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: August 8, 2016

Communication with a prospective employer can be done in many different ways. The most effective is the cover letter. You might argue that the best way to convince an employer that you are the candidate for the job is to meet with him personally. That may be true on one level, however, if you simply go in and demand to meet the employer, well, you might not be welcomed too much!

Personal meetings are great if we talk about interviews. However, there is one step missing here. You have to do something to make sure that you reach the interview stage – the cover letter. Cover letters allow you to say your bit, without interruption from the other side. Or instant judgement. Through your writing, you can spell out why you are such a good choice for a position and how you can contribute. And you can do this in a flow. When you meet the employer, you may not be able to accomplish all this as you will be on edge, with the hiring manager or a team of interviewers constantly watching you and waiting to rejoice when you stumble! (Don’t worry – it is their job!)

So the verdict is that cover letters rock when it comes to communicating your abilities to a prospective employer. Let’s see how this works:


Online Tutor Cover Letter Sample


65 7th Street
Hoonah, AK 41241

August 8, 2016

Mr. Julio Garza
Hiring Manager
Arnold’s Online Tutors
852 Grant Street
Hoonah, AK 55525


Dear Mr. Garza:

Acknowledging the difference between teaching and tutoring specifically is what makes for a good teaching professional. Since I have done both, I know just where they overlap and how to manage this overlap (while in a tutoring role) without treading on the territory of a teacher. Also, as a technically savvy individual, I am well-versed in using the different online channels used particularly for online tutoring, handling technical problems with ease and in a time-efficient manner.

Please allow me to elaborate on some of the qualifications that I possess, which I am positive will be deemed contributory by you:

• Effectively able to follow dedicated plans of education, by building up on concepts taught in class and ensuring that students’ weak areas are concentrated on
• Track record of assisting students develop their study skills and provide additional academic support through email, social media and telephone
• Qualified to lead group tutoring sessions by maintaining decorum in an online class through delivery of exceptionally well-placed tutoring sessions

Since Arnold’s Online Tutors is looking for someone who has the exact skills set as mine (as per your advertisement), I believe that you have met a match for your requirements. Let’s meet in person soon so that I can elaborate on my skills further. I will be in touch regarding a meeting or phone interview soon. You may contact me at (000) 152-4757.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Paula Lane

Attachment: Resume