Accounts Receivable Specialist Resume Sample

Updated on: August 8, 2016

There are people out there who claim that it is better to see an interviewer in person, rather than write a resume and send it in. They say that face-to-face is the best way to convince a person to hire you. Well, that part is true. Face-to-face is best. But how you will convince a hiring manager to see you, if he or she doesn’t know who you are and how much experience you have? It is only possible through a resume.

Want to know how to write a good resume for accounts receivable specialist? Well, take a look at the sample below.


Accounts Receivable Specialist Resume Sample


Jennifer Banks

1100 Eastview Drive ● Madison, AL ● (000) 145-2517 ● [email protected]

 Accounts Receivable Specialist

Performance Summary: Highly motivated and results-oriented Accounts Receivable Specialist with wide experience in handling billing work, including processing insurance claims. Proficient in determination of discrepancies in payment applications, resolving payment variances, processing insurance claims and handling outstanding payments turnaround. Exceptional organizational skills combined with capability to manage time as well as prioritize work to handle a considerable workload.


Insurance claims Payee requests handling Account management
Claim denial Account reconciliation Account balances
Direct deposit Payment applications Time management
Facility billing Unapplied cash handling Customer service

• Introduced new methods of handling delinquent accounts, which reduced non-payment of bills by 44%
• Worked as part of a team with in-house account receivable officers to resolve payment issues, which resulted in reduction of claim denial by 21%
• Successfully reconciled unapplied cash backlog that had been with the company for a long time
• Investigated and introduced new, more efficient and relevant software for a number of processes. This resulted in efficiency increase by 50%


Accounts Receivable Specialist
Mackintosh Insurance, Madison, AL | 11/2013 – Present

• Process cash receipts and postings for payments made by ACH, lockbox, wire, and other avenues
• Handle insurance claims and follow up with the relevant insurance company to make certain that each claim is paid timely, and handle resubmitting of claims
• Work to reduce claim denial turnaround, as well as resolve payment variances by working with relevant clients and in-house managers
• Perform account reconciliations by constant examination of invoicing and payment
• Manage inquiries and individual concerns to reduce problems and complaints
• Enter all changes daily in relevant software, and make recommendations for improvement of software and documentation systems

Accounts Receivable Specialist
ADR Co, Madison, AL | 7/2008 – 11/2013

• Supervised debit/credit activities for adjustment of account balances
• Assisted in reconciliation of backlog of unapplied cash
• Took charge of daily collection calls and managed any problem of clients
• Sent statements and letters of outstanding amounts to customers
• Prepared weekly and monthly reports of all accounts receivable activity

Accounts Receivable Officer
Jared Bank, Madison, AL | 3/2002 – 7/2008

• Made daily collection calls, and sent letters to outstanding customers
• Followed up with insurance companies for payment of claims
• Handled invoicing and payments to execute account reconciliations
• Assisted in adjustment of account balances through management of debit/credit activities
• Processed posting for payments as well as cash receipts
• Managed telephone inquiries and client complaints

Alabama Community College, Madison, AL – 2000
Master’s Degree in Accounting & Finance