Kindergarten Teacher Cover Letter No Experience

Updated on: March 2, 2018

The kindergarten teacher cover letter is considered the most crucial job application document by some recruiters, because it has a lot to offer concerning information about the candidate.

Writing a cover letter is also one of the most difficult of things to do.

That is because you are technically in a spot where a “do or die” situation prevails.

It is imperative that you write just the right words and phrases, and present only the information which matters the most.

To see what you can write in your cover letter, have a look at the following cover letter sample for an entry level kindergarten teacher:


Kindergarten Teacher Cover Letter No Experience



March 2, 2018

Mr. Gregory Mason
Rainbow Children’s Place
13 Jacobson Street
Park City, NJ 13332


Dear Mr. Mason:

I recently graduated from the University of Delaware, from an early childhood bachelor’s program, and would now like to channelize my energies in teaching kindergarten students at Rainbow Children’s Place. Owing to a volunteer position (a necessary part of the degree program), I am somewhat familiar with the practical end of looking after the specific needs of preschool children.

As a compassionate and patient individual, I am confident that I will be an instant hit with young students, as children turn to people with positive outlooks. Since I am specially trained in ensuring the physical, academic, cognitive, and personal development of students, I am confident that what I have to offer concerning care and oversight will be welcomed by you.

I excel in handling behavioral problems in children, ensuring that positive behavior is modeled for them so that they have concrete models to hold on to. Also, I am trained in handling emergencies such as accidents and injuries, which will go a long way in keeping the mind of both parents and the management at ease.

Confident that once you have met with me, you will also agree that I am indeed an excellent choice to hire as a kindergarten teacher at Rainbow Children’s Place. I will contact you next week to arrange a meeting. Until we meet, I am available at (000) 214-3032 if required.




Venus Albert

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