Entry Level ESL Teacher Cover Letter No Experience

Updated on July 2, 2019

If your English is great, you can work as an ESL teacher in order to help foreign students learn the language.

But you will have to obtain training. Once you have completed your ESL course, you can apply for a teacher position even if you have no experience.


The first thing that you need to do is write a cover letter to apply for the position.

Look through the advertisement that you are responding to.

Whatever requirements that have been provided in the ad must be fulfilled in the content of your cover letter.

Particularly, your skills in teaching English to students must be highlighted.


Since you will be dealing with students whose first language is not English, you will have to practice a lot of patience.

Your knowledge of creating lesson plans, and imparting education must be emphasized.

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A cover letter sample for an ESL teaching applying for a first job is provided here:


Entry Level ESL Teacher Cover Letter No Experience


Patricia Jenner
(000) 319-0092

July 2, 2019

Ms. Courtney Boone
Acme Language Institute
645 78th Avenue
Fairmont, WV 28408


Dear Ms. Boone:

I am highly interested in the open position of an ESL Teacher at Acme Language Institute. I have recently obtained training in teaching English as a second language, and would now like to offer the benefits of this training to your institute. Please check the enclosed resume for further details.

Specifically, my skills lie in teaching full course loads and serving as an advisor of the English language. Planning, preparing, and teaching well-developed English lessons which enthuse and inspire students in my forte. I am also competent in selecting and sequencing appropriate materials and approaches according to the course area and the individual requirements of students. Furthermore, maintaining current lesson plans and assessment data such as grades and attendance is also an area that I am well-versed in.

My skills can further be determined from my ability to design, administer, and evaluate a range of formative, and summative assessments. Basically, I am adept at teaching students English language skills in areas such as listening, reading, speaking, and writing.

If you are looking for an ESL teacher who is patient and analytic, then I am your person. In order to further elaborate on this, I will contact your secretary to set up a mutually convenient meeting time. Alternately, please feel free to call me at (000) 319-0092.

Thank you for considering my candidacy for ESL Teacher job at Acme Language Institute.




Patricia Jenner

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