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Uber Driver Job Description and Duties

Position Overview Working as an Uber or Lyft driver is a great way of earning a little extra using your car and driver’s license. One of the main reasons people work with Uber is to supplement their income, as it is a great opportunity to “have your cake and eat it too”. But working as… Read More »

Uber Driver Resume Sample and Template

The one thing that all job applicants need to ensure is the delivery of the right type of information in the right way through a resume. To see how you can an effective resume for Uber driver position, take a look at the following sample: Uber Driver Cover Letter Sample Uber Expert Job Description Taxi Driver… Read More »

Uber Driver Cover Letter Sample and Writing Guide

Writing an Uber Driver cover letter is difficult because we often have no clue about the various things that need to go into it. First things first – determine what needs to go into it. The purpose of writing an Uber Driver cover letter is to tell a hiring manager that you are available for… Read More »