Oilfield Operator Resume Sample

Updated on: June 28, 2021

A resume for an oilfield operator position is a necessity, which is obvious.

But how does one write a resume that leaves no room for employers to want to look at another one?

It is a challenge but it is also the only way you can actually make your mark as a viable candidate.

Since obtaining the job is your prime goal, you have to take up this challenge and make sure that you come out like a shining star.

If you have a resume lying somewhere on your laptop drive, open it and see how you can tailor it to the requirements of a prospective employer.

Even if it is the same position that you used the older resume to apply for, edit your resume to put in new information about acquired skills and experience. Use the new one instead of the one that you sent last time.

Your resume format should work along these lines:

Sample Resume for Oilfield Operator Position

Brian Kelly
596 Holiday Lane
Lansing, KS 89827
(000) 414-7877
brikel @ email . com

Self-Motivated professional who enjoys taking on responsibilities in a fast-paced environment.

Dexterous Oilfield Operator with 13 years’ extensive experience in the operation, surveillance, and troubleshooting of oilfield surface equipment, validating and inputting production and injection data, and handle maintenance services.
Very competent at:
• Operating engines and pumps and monitoring control panels during oil pumping operations
• Starting compressor engines and diverting oil from storage tanks into compressor units
• Controlling pumping and blending equipment to acidize and cement oil wells and rock formations
• Repairing oil meters and performing preventative maintenance to minimize chances of breakdowns

• Control Panel Monitoring
• Pressurized Gas Management
• Gauge Control
• Auxiliary Equipment Use
• Spill Risk Reduction
• Machinery Repair and Maintenance
• Troubleshooting
• Hydro Testing
• Compressor Engines
• Safe Chemical Mixing
• Fossil Fuel Extraction
• Flow-back


12/2012 to Present
Oilfield Operator
• Operate engines to shut wells off and switch oil flow into storage tanks
• Monitor control panels throughout pumping operations and ensured that materials are being pumped appropriately
• Troubleshoot and repair gas and oil meters and gauges
• Attach pumps and hoses to wellheads and ensure that they are in proper working condition
• Control valves to ensure that pressurized gas is returned to bottoms of specified wells
• Start compressor engines and ensure that oil is diverted from storage tanks into compressor units in an appropriate manner
• Handle pumping and blending equipment to effectively fracture and cement gas wells and rock formations
• Validate and input projection and injection data and perform maintenance or equipment
Key Accomplishments
• Identified an open site with a huge reserve of fossil fuel, earning a commendation from the management.
• Held 6 lectures on reducing the risk of spills and countering effects thereof, as part of an employee training process.
• Troubleshoot a particularly difficult problem with a piece of oilfield equipment, which had been in limbo for 12 months.
• Saved the site from a huge blowup following identification of a series of hazardous situations.

1/2008 to 12/2012
Oilfield Worker
• Managed site clearing and preparation activities to ensure a zero hazard environment
• Provided assistance in operating and surveilling oilfield surface equipment
• Assisted in validating hydro-testing lines and equipment
• Handled pressure raising activities by pumping gas into the bottom of wells
• Monitored gauges and dials to ensure optimal processes and assisted in shutting down wells according to set schedules

High School Diploma