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Hospital Patient Transporter Job Description and Duties

Hospital patient transporters, as the job title shows, transport patients between rooms and to appointments or examinations. Hospitals hire dedicated staff to handle this work because transporting patients quickly and efficiently through busy hospital halls is not easy and needs devoted staff. Usually coined as couriers of the medical world, hospital patient transporters need to make… Read More »

Transporter Resume Example and Template

When writing a resume for a transporter position, certain things need to be taken into account. First of all, you will need to determine a job search objective prior to writing a resume for the patient transporter position. Think of your resume as a marketing tool; one that gets you an interview – not necessarily… Read More »

Transporter Cover Letter Sample and Guide

Cover letters for a transporter resume can either engage a potential employer or put them off completely. This is one of the main reasons career professionals emphasize the importance of writing a good cover letter. A transporter cover letter is considered as perfect if it is target-oriented, possesses well-researched information, and shows your communication skills at… Read More »