Patient Escort Resume Sample [+Skills]

Updated on: June 23, 2023

Your main effort when applying for a patient escort position should go into writing the resume.

The resume is your main document and says a lot about what you are capable of doing – and what you have done in the past.

Use it sensibly.

Here is a resume sample to guide you along:

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Sample Resume for Patient Escort Position

Paul Wilson
8 Abington Avenue, Glenside, PA 59310
(000) 659-8547
Paulwilson @email . com


Compassionate and hardworking patient escort with 7 years of experience in performing duties necessary to provide safe, courteous, and efficient transport of patients, equipment, and supplies to and from patient care areas and departments within a hospital facility.

Organized and reliable, assists nursing staff to create, maintain and provide a safe environment. Able to provide physical and emotional support to patients throughout the transit procedure. Hands-on experience in disinfecting and maintaining and setting up equipment such as orthopedic traction setups.

✓ Physical Support ✓ Ambulatory Support
✓ Specimen Handling ✓ Disinfection Procedures
✓ Sanitization ✓ Equipment Maintenance
✓ Records Maintenance ✓ Patient Counseling


  • Successfully implemented core sanitization procedures, resulting in increased safety of patients and staff members.
  • Saved a patient’s life during inter-unit transport, by providing him with immediate CPR in the event of a heart attack.
  • Transported 43 patients during a particularly busy day at the office.
  • Devised clinical records handling metrics, which proved to be exceptionally safe during patient transit.


Patient Escort
Claire Health System, Glenside, PA
11/2021 – Present
• Look through work orders to determine which patients need transportation between units
• Identify patients through their tags and records, before picking them up from transport
• Engage patients in conversation to keep their fears at bay during the transport process
• Assist patients onto wheelchairs and portable beds, ensuring their well-being and comfort
• Create and maintain patients’ records, ensuring that they are updated on a regular basis

Patient Escort
Claire Health System, Glenside, PA
6/2019 – 11/2021
• Provided patients with limited information on procedures that they are scheduled for
• Ensured that all paperwork such as patients’ documents and records accompany the transit
• Handed over patients and their files to nursing personnel within the destination unit or department
• Transported specimens such as blood samples, and equipment to and from different units and departments
• Assisted patients in and out of beds, providing support with personal needs such as toileting and grooming

Patient Services Aide
Sava Health Services, Glenside, PA
2/2017 – 6/2019
• Created and maintained effective communication with assigned patients to determine their problems
• Ensured that patients were made comfortable throughout their stay at the hospital
• Provided medication reminders and observed assigned patients during the course of their admission

High School Diploma
St. James High School, Glenside, PA

• Communication
• Compassion
• Physical Stamina
• Attention to details

Sample Skills for Patient Escort Resume

  • Patients identification
  • Physical & Ambulatory Support
  • Specimen Handling
  • Disinfection
  • Sanitation
  • Equipment Maintenance
  • Records Maintenance
  • Patient Counseling
  • Emergency Handling
  • Transportation
  • Patients’ Safety
  • Clinical records delivery
  • Confidentiality

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