Support Worker Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: September 6, 2018

Support workers work in a multitude of capacities where they are required to provide care and support to their clients or wards. They may work in sanitariums, old age houses or other such institutes which harbors people who can no longer look after themselves.

The role of a support worker is self-sacrificing as they need to put up with a lot to be able to do justice to their work. Support workers are on their feet constantly both physically and mentally as they have to look out for their patients in terms of quality personal and psychological care.

If you feel that you have the compassion and stamina to work in this capacity, you may want to have a look at this cover letter that may help you in your job hunt for this position.

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Support Worker Cover Letter Example


Tia McQueen

10 E Broadway, Monmouth, IL 23837
(020) 987-9632

September 6, 2018

Ms. Elizabeth Cooper
Manager Human Resources
Cove Human Services
34 W Cullerton Street
Monmouth, IL 73333

Re: Support Worker Position (Job # 2541)

Dear Ms. Cooper:

Nothing makes me happier than spending the time to assist people in their activities of daily living. With many years of experience serving adults with mental illnesses and physical disabilities engendered by those illnesses, I am now well-prepared to contribute to Cove Human Services in the role of a support worker.

I am well-versed in identifying social, recreational and educational service provision that will meet my wards’ needs and can recognize potential crises situations immediately. Previously, I worked closely with case management teams to identify, analyze and resolve crises situations as well. Being a compassionate individual, I ensure the provision of emotional support to each of my wards at every step of their care plan.

I am very excited about the prospect of working at your organization as I have a lot of potentials that need to be explored. Nonetheless, I would like to meet with you to demonstrate that I have the temperament and dynamics that would make me a high-impact contributor. Be guaranteed that your investment of time will be adequately repaid.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Tia McQueen

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