Personal support workers or PSWs – as they are more commonly known – work with people who have disabilities and are unable to function on a complete level. The basic task of a PSW is to provide client with the assistance in activities of daily living. They may work in care facilities or in a personal capacity depending on where they are hired.

PSWs are expected to possess a keen ability to develop sound relationships with their ward by anticipating their needs and managing to fill them effectively. People who are hired at this position are required to possess compassion with a profound ability to tackle difficult situations. If you are thinking of applying for this job, one of the following career objectives will look good in your resume!


Personal Support Worker Resume Objective Examples

• Client-focused, compassionate professional seeking a Personal Support Worker position at the ABC Senior Care. Expert in providing assistance to elderly and disabled persons in activities of daily living.

• Looking for a position as a Personal Support Worker with the Sacrem Sanitarium. Well-versed in developing effective relationships with residents in order to anticipate and fulfill their personal and developmental needs.

• Seeking a Personal Support Worker position with the Sava Senior Care using compassion to assist residents in living the dignified life that they deserve.

• To obtain a PSW position at Core People where I may utilize my critical thinking abilities and emergency management in order to manage the residents with living normal and dignified lives.

• To work as a Personal Support Worker for Care Foundation utilizing inborn empathy of working with people who have trouble living dignified lives on a daily basis.