Distribution Clerk Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: June 18, 2022

A cover letter is simply your professional life story told in 300 words or less.

You must never think of the cover letter as a document that can be done without.

Remember that the cover letter is an avenue that will lead you to the interview stage.

How to Write a Great Cover Letter for Distribution Clerk Position?

It is simple. The success of your cover letter depends on how well you understand what the employer is looking for.

Once you comprehend that the employer is looking for a certain set of skills and experience, you can easily place correlating information in your cover letter.

It is only when we do not understand what the employer needs from us that we make cover letter writing blunders.

A distribution clerk cover letter is a 3-4 paragraph document that outlines the candidate’s best skills – and vast experience. That is all that it is! 

Here is a sample:

Distribution Clerk Cover Letter Example

Samuel Clueso
(000) 444-4444

June 18, 2022

Mr. John Grisham
Hiring Manager
Restoration Hardware
3630 Paton Road
Columbia, TN 55321

Dear Mr. Grisham:

I am writing to express my interest in working for Restoration Hardware as a Distribution Clerk.

It is not every day that one comes across an individual who has had as extensive experience working in a warehouse environment as I have. For the last 6 years, I have been diligently and flawlessly providing quality service in terms of materials and equipment delivery. 

Here is an overview of what I offer:

  • Competent in handling inventory and record-keeping activities with a special focus on documenting the number of products received and shipped out.
  • Able to handle distribution and shipping duties by ensuring timely delivery of products to their destinations, and handling inventory orders appropriately.
  • Documented success in ensuring prompt and accurate delivery by ensuring that all logistics are appropriately coordinated.

A recent accomplishment in impeccably handling a particularly difficult situation regarding a sizeable delivery, led to me receiving high commendation from the management.

I can further build up on it in an in-person meeting between us. I will contact you next week to set up an interview date and time. Until then, please call me at (000) 444-4444 if any further information is required.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Samuel Clueso

Attachment: Resume