Housekeeping Supervisor Cover Letter Sample

Housekeeping supervisors may work in hospitals, hotels and apartment buildings where their main responsibility is to oversee the housekeeping staff to ensure proper working order is maintained.

The following cover letter sample depicts how a person applying for Housekeeping Supervisor position will write a good covering letter for their resume.

Feel free to use and modify this sample as per your needs.




Housekeeping Supervisor Cover Letter Sample



1272 Elm Lane
Starksboro, VT 53535

June 30, 2017

Mr. Ryan Clarke
Manager HR
Sundance Resorts
780 Dewey Street
Starksboro, VT 53611


Dear Mr. Clarke:

As a highly motivated housekeeping professional with seven years of experience working in the supervisory roles within hospitality industry, I believe that I have much to contribute to your organization in the role of Housekeeping Supervisor.

Possessing excellent interpersonal skills and the ability to supervise housekeeping activities, I have had considerable success in managing staff appropriately. My knowledge of forecasting staffing requirements and scheduling duties is quite advanced as I work closely with the management to decipher needs and then strive to fill them accordingly. The premises under my supervision always remained clean and well maintained as I cannot fathom working in a less than perfect manner.

Working for Sundance Resorts will indeed be a great opportunity for me as I have quite a lot to add to this organization’s already booming existing. I will call you at the end of the week to ask for a time when we can meet and will be available to talk at (000) 222-7547 if you need to contact me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Catherine Higgins

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