Animal Care Supervisor Resume Sample

Updated on: May 26, 2023

An Animal Care Supervisor resume is nothing more than a lot of information on a small piece of paper.

Fitting information about your abilities, education, skills, qualifications, and achievements in a resume requires tact.

Here is a resume sample to help you:

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Animal Care Supervisor Resume Example

Ray Stevenson
Salt Rock, WV 54012
(000) 999-5232
ray.steven @ email . com


Highly skilled and experienced animal care professional with extensive comprehension of creating and implementing animal care plans. Expert in creating and leading animal feeding programs, focusing especially on the physical and emotional well-being of animals. Competent in checking the health conditions of each assigned animal, and recommend additional care where required. Ability to oversee breeding colonies of various animals to ensure their health and well-being. Develops and implements animal care training programs aimed at ensuring that appropriate care is given to animal care personnel.

✓ Care Plans Implementation ✓ Breeding Assistance
✓ Animal Wellbeing ✓ Restraining Procedures
✓ Food Supplies Management ✓ Staff Oversight
✓ Facility Operations ✓ Health and Safety Measures
✓ Training and Development ✓ Medication Administration
✓ Inventory Maintenance ✓ Disease Prevention

• Implemented a novel disease prevention program, which proved to be 85% more efficient than the one already in place.
• Created and implemented a personnel training program, which was one of its kind initiatives, and was considered highly successful in attuning staff members with animal care work.
• Introduced the concept of self-protection, resulting in fewer incidents of staff members contracting diseases from the animals they were looking after.
• Successfully implemented an animal health and safety program, which brought about highly successful outcomes.


Animal Care Supervisor
City of Hope, Salt Rock, WV
8/2019 – Present
• Provide day-to-day supervision of the assigned animal care department by ensuring that all operations are in properly managed.
• Conduct regular rounds of care centers and departments to ensure that all is in order.
• Assist in developing and modifying animal care policies, procedures, and practices to promote high-quality operations of the animal facility.
• Provide training to new and existing staff members in the care of assigned animals.
• Oversee staff members to ensure that efficiency and effectiveness of work processes are ensured.
• Maintain both supply and equipment inventory, to sustain the day-to-day operation of the animal care program.
• Create and maintain accurate records such as room logs, health reports, and cage cards.

Animal Care Worker
The Animal Care Center, Salt Rock, WV
2/2011 – 5/2019
• Looked after assigned animals to ensure their physical and emotional health and well-being.
• Cleaned animals’ cages or areas of living on a daily basis, and ensured that all areas were properly disinfected on a regular basis.
• Provided animals with food and water according to their schedules.
• Assisted onsite vets in the administration of medication, and during animal examinations.
• Properly disposed of waste according to preset cleanliness policies.

High School Diploma
Salt Rock High School, Salt Rock, WV – 2004