Administrative Supervisor Resume Summary

Updated on: April 5, 2018

The myth that a resume can begin in any way that the applicant wants it to must be busted.

Specific regulations govern resume writing, the most basic one being the fact that it needs to open wonderfully. And this can only be done through a resume summary.

What exactly does the resume summary do?

The summary edicts information about the applicant shortly and sweetly. Through the summary, you can effectively communicate what your skills and abilities are, without boring the hiring manager with lengthy accounts of your experience.

Writing a resume summary is a bit complicated – until you know what the whole deal is. When you write one, make sure that you are as accurate as possible.

It means that the information that you put into your summary should be something that a hiring manager needs/wants to read. Anything else that you want to put into it – which does not qualify as skills – needs to wait.

Work with the skills information that you have, effectively putting it into solid statements. And make sure that your statements correspond with what you have written in the rest of the resume.

To see how you can write your resume summary, take a look at the following samples for an administrative supervisor position:

Sample Summary Statements for Administrative Supervisor Resume

• Resourceful and competent administrative supervisor with over 7 years of experience in the arena. Exceptionally well-versed in creating and implementing core administrative procedures, and overseeing the day to day operational tasks.

• Uniquely qualified Administrative Supervisor with 15+ years’ successful track record of handling operations of the company, in sync with its mission and vision. Highly skilled in hiring and training executive staff members, overseeing the work of the admin department, and monitoring and prioritizing workflow.

• Exceptionally talented individual, with 10 years of experience of working in an administrative capacity. Effectively able to coordinate office organization, and manage records-keeping and bookkeeping activities, while remaining within the limitations of company protocol.

• Well-organized, competent, and structured administrative supervisor, boasting of 5 years of supervisory experience. Documented success in supervising and coordinating administrative support staff and monitoring workflow efficiently.

• Administrative supervisor, with exceptionally well-placed skills in creating and implementing systems to ensure that daily operations are managed promptly. Adept at creating and implementing core standard operating procedures (SOPs), policies, and protocols to ensure appropriate work progress, along with a great ability to train and evaluate staff members.