25 Transportation Supervisor Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: December 31, 2022
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When giving an interview for a transportation supervisor position, you may face different types of questions. Understanding the types of questions a recruiter may ask can help you better prepare for an interview.

Interview preparation also gives you a good chance to review your skills and relevant accomplishments to share.

In this article, we have provided 25 interview questions for the transportation supervisor position, along with sample answers to help you prepare for your interview.

Transportation Supervisor Interview Questions and Answers

1. Share an experience where you handled an agitated customer because their delivery was late due to one of your drivers?
This happened recently when an urgent order was delayed because one of our trucks broke down. I kept in contact with the customer, apologized for the delay, told them the reason, and assured them that their package is our priority. The issue was resolved by calling an emergency backup.

2. What are the key skills needed to succeed as a transportation supervisor?
Organizational and management skills, attention to detail, task prioritization, communication skills, and leadership skills are needed to succeed in this profession.

3. What are the duties of a transportation supervisor?
A transport supervisor is mainly responsible for shift scheduling, monitoring driver performance, ensuring the maintenance of trucks, and keeping track of deliveries.

4. How do you handle the situation if you are short of drivers on a busy day?
I always prioritize my orders and code them as urgent and not urgent. If a day comes when I’m short of drivers I reschedule the route to cater to the urgent ones and I talk to the other clients to ensure they have no objection if their delivery is delayed by a few hours.

5. When do you think it’s suitable to call for backup support?
It is ok to call for backup if one of the trucks breaks down due to any reason or if they are in an accident.

6. Are you familiar with the DOT regulations?
Definitely, I’m not only familiar with but also compliant with DOT regulations.

7. What are the key strengths of a good driver?
A good driver is punctual, alert, cautious, a CDL holder, and knowledgeable about GPS navigation.

8. Do you have a driver’s license?
Yes, I have Class B CDL with passenger endorsement.

9. What do you do to reduce truck breakdowns?
I ensure regular maintenance and service of the fleet of trucks to keep them functional and in good shape.

10. How frequently is a brake test required for trucks?
Ideally, a brake test is required on weekly basis and additionally if the driver shares his concern regarding the same.

11. What are the best strategies to train new employees?
To train new employees I always conduct workshops and give demos after briefing them and walking them through their daily expected tasks and expectations from their role. I also carry out weekly observations and share the reports with them, highlighting the points that have room for improvement.

12. How do you handle a driver who is consistently late?
If a driver is showing up late consistently I issue them verbal and then written warnings and also forward their attendance issue to HR for required action. In this profession, we cannot compromise on punctuality.

13. What have you done to reduce costs at your previous workplace?
I have not only chalked out cost-effective routes but I am also using a GPS-based app that helps me keep track of the fuel consumption of each vehicle.

14. Have you ever motivated your team to achieve a goal?
Last Christmas we were short of staff. I appreciated the available drivers, spent some time with them, motivated them, and told them how important their job was. The result was increased productivity.

15. Are you familiar with fleet management software?
I’m well versed in Fleetio and TMS and have been utilizing both effectively over the past 5 years.

16. What are the key skills that qualify you for this role?
I have strong leadership skills, task prioritization, and shift scheduling expertise and I am well-versed in tracking vehicles using GPS navigation.

17. Describe a time when you had to cope with changes at your workplace?
Three years ago when I was promoted and transferred to this district certain SOPs and regulations were different. I took some time to learn and then adapted very well.

18. Do you have any experience in operating forklifts and pallet jacks?
I spent three years at a warehouse and I am well-practiced in handling forklifts and pallet jacks.

19. How do you ensure that all your drivers are medically fit?
I order a medical fitness examination before hiring which is repeated quarterly to make sure that all my drivers are medically fit.

20. What do you do to stay updated about the latest principles and regulations applicable to transportation?
I follow the latest trends and stay in touch with the traffic authority information center to remain updated regarding any traffic, transportation, and DOT regulations.

21. Give an experience of when you went beyond the line of duty?
Last winter there was a driver shortage and one of the trucks broke down. I volunteered to fill in and made the urgent deliveries on time.

22. How do you make sure that packages are delivered timely?
I label all the packages priority-wise and then schedule daily routes accordingly.

23. Do you think data analysis is important for a transportation supervisor?
Yes, data analysis enables supervisors like me to get insight into client preferences and feedback regarding the services.

24. How important is it for a road manager to know the political boundaries of the district?
It is very crucial for road managers to know the political boundaries of districts because regulations and road permits are different for different administrative divisions.

25. What is geotagging?
Geotagging refers to digitally marking a location and it is very helpful to communicate landmarks.

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